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10 Best Things to do in Rome Italy

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When you first arrive in Rome, you might be overwhelmed by the immense number of things to do in Rome, Italy. What you expect on such a trip is for your mind to be blown away by the cream-colored statues. Or maybe, you are of those who wait expectantly to be led astray by the decadence of the Roman cuisine. No matter why you end up in the delicate city filled to the core with ruins and beauty, know one thing: it will be the trip of a lifetime. We have compiled for you the very best of the city, with the most fun activities, and even some secret things to do in Rome! Curious? Keep reading!

10 Best things to do in Rome Italy

Since you find yourself in a city that would need three lifetimes to be adequately explored and assimilated, we only have one tip for you: wear good shoes! The paved streets will have you drop onto the bed come twilight – that is how draining and unmissable to visit it is! Let us discover together the 10 best things to do in Rome, Italy, and fall in love with its every detail. Welcome to Rome!

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1. Toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain

Among the top 3 things to do in Rome, I shall start with tossing a coin in the Trevi fountain. Crowded with people enjoying the outstanding architecture and design of the fountain, it is part of a secret ritual.

Throw a coin in the Trevi fountain, and you shall return to Rome. Then, throw a second coin, and you shall find love. Throw the third coin in the fountain, and you will get married.

2. Eat a Gelato

Eating gelato in Rome is nothing short of a ritual, and of course, it shall sit among the top 3 things to do in Rome. Gelaterie border the streets in masses, with ice creams all better than the last and thick Panna (whipped cream).

Our picks? The Gello, la Romana, and Della Palma – all three create and handmake their delicious ice creams. Some other great places to eat gelato are the inRhome on Via del Governo Vecchio, or the famous Venchi cremeria about 100 meters from the Pantheon. Venchi is also considered to be one of the best Italian chocolate brands, by the way!

3. Wander in the Jewish Ghetto

On your walk to Trastevere, where you are more than likely to pass to take pictures, you will pass by the Jewish area. Called the Ghetto, it offers some of the best restaurants that offer typical Jewish Italian dishes, like the Carciofi Alla Giudia (artichokes, Jewish style).

The Ghetto is a lively area, always filled with people chatting and visiting the ruins and church. Full of history of the Largo 16 Ottobre 1943, sadly known for the raid of the Ghetto of Rome by the Nazis. Walking around the Jewish Ghetto is one of the secret things to do in Rome that will help you broaden your mind about cuisine and culture.

4. Aperitivo near the Pantheon

It is not a secret that Italians love their aperitivo, and they are rarely spotted without an Aperol Spritz or a Negroni. When the day is done and the night is young, we strongly recommend an aperitivo near the Pantheon.

At Scusate il Ritardo, or at the Tempio Bar, you will have the greatest view on the Pantheon while rinsing your throat with the tastiest liquors around!

5. Listen to street musicians on Piazza Navona

Once you have filled your stomach with some of the tastiest foods you’ll ever eat, walk down to the immense Piazza Navona. One of the most famous piazze in Rome, it is inhabited during the day by street musicians that will truly make your heart sing!

6. Visit the Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums (Musei Vaticani in Italian) circle the Piazza San Pietro and face the dome of the Basilica San Pietro. You will truly enjoy the beauty of the huge columns of the entrance and the statues placed on top of the building. We promise that you have never seen statues that lively, cold in marble, and warm with elegance.

7. Travel back in time to the Colosseum

Whether you are a loner or prefer to participate in guided tours, we think that a stroll around the Colosseum is one of the most fun things to do in Rome. It might at times be crowded, but most of the time, it is pretty easy to snap a cute selfie in front of a building in ruins. The Colosseum is laden with history, and it is absolutely worth the visit if you want to be blown away!

8. Selfie on the Spanish Steps

Among some of the fun things to do in Rome, we cannot leave out taking a selfie on the Spanish steps. Those are renowned all over the world and tower over the delicate and crowdy Piazza di Spagna. A cool selfie to immortalize the day, then head on over to Via del Corso, to find some of the most amazing Roman fashion brands, but not only those. You’ll find the most important Italian fashion brands and international ones too!

9. Eat a traditional pasta Carbonara

Not with cream, please! Onions are also strictly off the table. Italian cuisine is renowned worldwide. The traditional pasta Carbonara is really one of those dishes that you cannot miss during your stay. Made with eggs, pepper, guanciale, and pecorino romano, la carbonara is considered a typical Roman dish. You can find it in any respectable osteria, trattoria, or ristorante.

Our pick? Velavevodetto, a typical trattoria in the heart of the Testaccio area.

10. See Rome from one of the 7 hills

How could this article about the 10 best things to do in Rome, Italy, end without climbing up the top of Rome? The Caput Mundi boasts seven hills from which you can relish the pristine view. All located East of the Tiber river, they are set in a great position. Walking around all seven would make for the nicest day hike.

Make your choice: the Palatine, Esquiline, Capitoline, Aventine, Caelian, Quirinal, or Viminal hills are all waiting for you. Their views all more stunning than the next. In fact, we think that enjoying the view from up high is among our Top 3 things to do in Rome.

Did you like our top 10 of the best things to do in Rome, Italy?

All that is left to do is put on your walking shoes and fill up your bottle of water. Enjoy a leisurely walk around some of the prettiest neighborhoods of Rome. Our tip? Head on over to the hills at the end of the afternoon. That way, you can truly relish the sun setting down on the city’s roofs…

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