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10 Best Spas in Rome Italy

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When we think about Rome, we usually assimilate it with discovery. Do you know which are the best spas in Rome? Rome is indeed one of the main attractions to tourists all around the world who decide to put Italy on their must-see list. Now, we know what to expect, such as charming architecture, delicious food, strong history, and the most beautiful buildings of Italy.

Besides the Colosseum Rome, Pantheon Rome, and Trevi Fountain visiting days as the main activities, you should have some days prepared for total relaxation at some of the best spas in Rome. Which are they?

Which are the best spas in Rome? – Best Spa hotels in Rome

What is a spa in Italy? Italians are known to be masters in all that means a spa experience in their country. The spas in Italy had reached a complete performance in what means detoxing, energizing, and performing the science of wellness. People from all around the world decide to visit Rome only to try out the best spa hotels in Rome Italy and have a total leisure experience.

Also, as Rome is having a long list of the best spa hotels in Rome, Luxury spa hotels in Rome, and the best day spas in Rome Italy, we had decided to create a selection of the 10 best spas in Rome. So, enjoy! Oh, and if you’re already in Rome, make sure you book a pizza-making class for the best food experience!

1. Exedra Fusion Spa – Known as one of the best spas in Rome

best spas in rome
Exedra Fusion Spa – Photo from

The 1st of our 10 best spas in Rome is Fusion Spa Rome, a wellness center designed to relax and regenerate both the body and soul. If you want to experience the best detox at one of the luxury spas in Rome, Fusion Spa Rome is your right choice.

You can choose from massage packages to facial packages, wellness & hydro packages, and also Fitness packages, all having marvelous effects.

Exedra Fusion Spa Piazza della Repubblica, 47, 00185 Roma RM, Italy.

2. Trilussa Palace Hotel Spa

best spas in rome
Trilussa Palace Hotel Spa – Photo from

If you are looking for the best luxury experience, Trilussa Palace Hotel Spa Rome is one of the best luxury spa hotels in Rome. All furnished with traditional style and antique pieces, this hotel hosts a wellness center available to all the hotel’s clients. Moreover, Heated pools, hydromassage jets, saunas, and Turkish baths are only the main features.

There are also sensory showers, and massage packages, available on request. All the center has a restaurant available for its guests, which makes it one of the best spa hotels in Rome.

Trilussa Palace Hotel Spa: Piazza Ippolito Nievo, 25, 00153 Roma RM, Italy.

3. Rocco Forte Spa

best spas in rome

Another of the luxury spa hotels in Rome Italy is Rocco Forte Hotel & Spa. The Rocco Forte Spa is among the 12 European properties of Rocco Forte, keeping the line of a wellness center designed to satisfy every need in a matter of health. The rooftop terrace, living plants, and natural materials make this Spa become a nature retreat, even if you are not outside of the City.

It stares 5 treatment rooms, suites for mud rituals, thermal and Mediterranean areas, and a sauna. It also has a steam room, foot baths, and hydro and plunge pools for those who enjoy sinking. Also, it is one of the best spas in Rome, having a nature theme, with videos of nature projected around the wellness rooms.

Rocco Forte Spa: The Spa’s address is Via del Babuino, 9, 00187 Roma RM, Italy.

4. Grand Spa at The Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Hotel

best spas in rome
Grand Spa at The Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Hotel – Photo from

Often called the wellness oasis of Rome, Grand Spa Rome is definitely one of the attraction points of the Eternal City. Chocolate, caviar, honey, and spice are not used as food ingredients, but rather to revive the bodies of those who book a body massage here. Grand spa is one of the best spa hotels in Rome thanks to the all-inclusive packages that it offers to guests.

At Grand Spa Rome you can benefit from all kinds o massages, facial treatments, heart care, packages for special needs, and of course, the indoors and outdoor pools. Guests can also have access to the gym and outdoor activities with trainers.

Grand Spa at The Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Hotel: Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101, 00136 Roma RM, Italy.

5. QC Terme Spa and Resort – One of the best spas in Rome

best spas in rome

Imperial History and Wellbeing is what characterize QC Terme spa and resort Rome. at QC Terme, everything is focused on the ancient tradition of wellness. refined Massage packages, relaxation areas, saunas, and sensory baths make the spa experience complete. The access is both inside and outside, creating a unique experience of spa sessions.

So, Anyone who is looking to straighten their bodies, and get them into the best shape, has to know that QC Terme spa is probably the best spa in Rome Italy to choose from. Brightening scrubs, couples harmony sessions, body contouring wraps, and anti-age treatments. Also, Those are the most sought-after by visitors.

QC Terme Spa and Resort: Viale dell’Oceano Pacifico, 83, 00144 Roma RM, Italy.

6. Terme Dei Papi

best spas in rome

At Terme dei Papi, you can immerse yourself into a total well-being state alone, or together with others. Spa’s offers are divided into individual ones and group ones as well. You can wander into the natural cave, swim into the monumental pool, or into the hydro sound one.

Also, exploring the emotional showers, valentines bath, or the vascular path would seem a good idea as well. What is good at the Terme dei Papi spa is that your wellness exploration never stops. If you desire wellness, you’ll have it at Terme dei Papi near Rome Italy.

Terme Dei Papi: Str. Bagni, 12, 01100 Viterbo VT, Italy.

7. Doma Luxury Spa

best spas in rome

Among the best day spas in Rome Italy is Doma luxury Spa. Doma Luxury Spa is synonymous with talent and de-stress techniques. It is a massage center that offers amazing packages. Also, From Romantic Spa, family spas, and wonderful massage packages, Doma Luxury Spa Rome is the best spa in Rome city centre.

Soft music playing, relaxation ambient, and lightning designed to take you into the wellness immersion make Doma Luxury spa be among the best affordable spas in Rome. Moreover, it is known to be the most chosen spa for couples in Rome.

Doma Luxury Spa: Via di Parione, Piazza Navona, 24, 00186 Roma RM, Italy.

8. Caschera Spa

best spas in rome

If you want to have one of the best luxury spa experiences in Rome, Caschera Spa welcomes you with high-quality spa retreats. Moreover, Caschera Spa is known as the ultimate destination for the complete Spa journey in Italy. Relaxation and revival packages vary from massage therapies, beauty therapies, body anti-age activities, and waxing rituals.

The atmosphere at Caschera Spa Rome is exclusive, as you can also book honeymoon rituals, bridal parties, or single moments of wellbeing. As one of the best day spas in Rome, Caschera meets the expectation of each individual in search of renewal.

Caschera Spa: Largo Giovanni Montemartini, 20, 00185 Roma RM, Italy.

9. St. Peter’s Spa

best spas in rome

If you want to benefit from the most affordable spas in Rome, St Peter’s spa Rome is the best choice you’ve got. Also, Regarding the treatments you want, you can choose from a big list of massage packages, body treatments, facial treatments, and beauty treatments.

Moreover, For the best experience, St Peter’s Spa Rome offers exclusive well-being stay packages as it is one of the best day spas in Rome Italy. You can choose a day spa, or night spa featuring a heated indoor pool, sauna, Turkish bath, hydromassage pool or relaxation area. There are sun lounges in the Roman Baths area, suitable for every special occasion while visiting one of the best spa hotels in Rome Italy.

St. Peter’s Spa: Via Aurelia Antica, 415, 00165 Roma RM, Italy.

10. Argiletum Spa & Wellness – Among the best spas in Rome city centre

best spas in rome
Argiletum Spa & Wellness – Photo from

We end our selection of the 10 best spas in Rome Italy with Argiletum Spa & Wellness Rome. It is the choice of whoever wants to quit the ordinary and decides to spoil themselves with luxurious experiences. Also, Inspired by the Ancient Roman baths, this spa near Colosseum welcomes you with numerous advantages. Moreover, It has packages for singles, couples, and families.

The environment is really magical, featuring more than 8 massage techniques, and spa experiences with Turkish baths and saunas. It also has numerous treatments for the face and body, and aesthetic packages for men and women. Moreover, is a closes spa in Rome city centre.

Argiletum Spa & Wellness: Via della Madonna dei Monti, 109, 00184 Roma RM, Italy.

Wrapping up our best spa hotels in Rome – 10 affordable spas in Rome

What do you think about our list? Indeed, once again we’ve been shown how Italy’s performance in a matter of spa experience is unbeatable thanks to the complete spa packages that revive one’s both mind and body. You can choose from the best day spas in Rome, affordable spas in Rome, luxury spa hotels in Rome, or the best spa in Rome city centre as well.

For sure, each of us should try a spa in Rome at least once during our stay. In this diverse list of the 10 best spas in Rome, you have all the information to make the best choice during your Rome trip!

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