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10 Best Restaurants in Trastevere Rome

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If you’re not eating in the best restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy when visiting the Eternal City, something isn’t right. The culinary diversity that you can find in Rome is unlike any other. And you know why? Because Rome has known to keep the tradition of the cuisine. Still, the restaurants there are also skilled in blending other influences that are mouthwatering, but the basic rule is always to respect the traditional Italian food. Now, if you’re looking for Trastevere restaurants, below you’re going to see a roundup of the best restaurants in Rome Trastevere neighborhood.

Trastevere is one of the trendiest areas in the whole city, and this also means that it’s really traditional. As such, it’s quite understandable I would write the Trastevere Rome restaurants since all of you should try some of these places while you are in Rome. Between all the great things to do in Rome, eating is one of the most important!

10 Best Restaurants In Trastevere Rome

Before we go any further, make sure you also check the best places to stay in Trastevere! If you ask us, it’s kind of hard to pick out only the best restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy. We’ve been to so many of the Trastevere restaurants since we’ve first been in Rome, we couldn’t count. Yet we tried to pick some of the best Trastevere Rome restaurants that you really won’t be able to choose a favorite. There’s local, there’s avant-garde, and above all – there’s deliciousness!

In this article, we will see some of the Rome Trastevere best restaurants, different options for a fish restaurant Trastevere Rome and local cuisine. We will speak about the best Italian restaurants in Trastevere Rome based on our own experiences – which mostly will be restaurants that are focusing on traditional Roman dishes made the traditional way. Let’s finish the article with some cool Trastevere Rome bars – for a cool post-dinner drink! Oh, and if you’re already in Rome, make sure you book a pizza-making class for the best food experience!

1. Tonnarello

Trastevere restaurants

Tonnarello is considered by many to be one of the very best restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy. This restaurant is located near Santa Maria in Trastevere church and the exquisite botanical garden of Rome. Whether you go for lunch or dinner, make sure to have a stroll through the beautifully curated garden. Tonnarello is our personal favorite when it comes to restaurants in Rome Trastevere with the best Carbonara in the neighborhood.

You’ll almost always see a queue waiting outside Tonnarello. Unlike many Trastevere Rome restaurants, Tonnarello is a local favorite as well as a tourist destination. It’s located super close to the many Trastevere Rome bars as well – you always have a good time spending the evening out in the area!

Tonnarello is not famous for being a fish restaurant Trastevere Rome. Actually, the cuisine recalls what Italian grandmothers cook day in, day out. Each ingredient from the pasta to the cream used for tiramisu is carefully selected. The meat plates are famous – the lamb, l’amatriciana, the saltimbocca alla romana… But tonnarelli are the restaurant’s specialty – a must-try if you want a true feel of Roman cuisine. One of the best Italian restaurants in Trastevere Rome – no doubt about that.

Where is Tonnarello in Trastevere? Via della Paglia 1, 00153 Rome

2. Casetta di Trastevere

10 Best Restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy - Cheap, Italian, Fish...

Casetta di Trastevere is one of the best restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy. As far as Trastevere Rome restaurants go, it is true that Roman cuisine tops it all. After all, you’re in the old part of Rome. When it comes to picking the best Trastevere restaurants, we really recommend to pick the local, the traditional places for the real Roman food experience!

This is also one of the best cheap restaurants in Rome – which makes it a local dream for anyone visiting. The restaurant opened its doors in 1952, with one idea: offering high-quality Roman cuisine. They’ve made it a point, and it works – the restaurant is always full. Still, I’ve managed to get in without a reservation a couple of times.

I’ve ordered quite a few times the Cacio e Pepe (one of the Roman specialty dishes, and a must-try) and the lasagna. You have to try both to understand just how much I love this restaurant. The waiters are also top-notch – great service, great food, great moments ahead.

Where? Piazza De’ Renzi 31A, 00153 Rome Italy

3. Trapizzino

10 Best Restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy - Cheap, Italian, Fish...

Between the many Rome Trastevere best restaurants we must look for street food too! If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy, Trapizzino is your street food destination. Trust me. When you go out in the area in the evening and the Trastevere Rome bars are packed, that’s where people go to grab an easy and amazing bite.

It’s funny too, to see that some of the best Italian restaurants in Trastevere Rome are open even late at night. I’ve lived in other countries where food of that quality was definitely not available in the midst of the night! The Trpizzino is typically Roman street food.

The founder of Trapizzino simply tried to think of a new way to offer the panino, the classic Italian sandwich. The goal was for people to be able to eat local dishes in a pizza pocket – and it blew up. Classics among the Trapizzino recipes include the Eggplant parmigiana, the tongue in green sauce, meatballs with sauce, and the chicken cacciatore style. All the recipes are absolutely stunning. Try Trapizzino, and you’ll never go back to a basic panino.

Where is Trapizzino in Trastevere? Piazza Trilussa, 46

4. Antica Pesa  

10 Best Restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy - Cheap, Italian, Fish...

L’Antica Pesa is another one of the best Italian restaurants in Trastevere Rome. If you’re looking for a place that makes the most exquisite pasta while you’re wandering the streets of Rome, look no further. When we’re looking for the best restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy, we’re looking for high quality, great flavors, and an affordable price point. However, sometimes, you want to splurge on a fancy Michelin-starred restaurant. That’s where l’Antica Pesa comes on stage.

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Antica Pesa has a story that dates back to the 17th Century, so there’s a great deal why it’s one of the greatest restaurants in Rome Trastevere – the official location was opened in 1922. This restaurant, located near the best Trastevere Rome bars, has been active for four generations. One of the best dishes there is one of the simplest – spaghetti with Parmigiano, pecorino, and black pepper. You can never go wrong in the Trastevere Rome restaurants if you go classic!

Whereis L’Antica Pesa restaurant? Via Garibaldi, 18, 00153 Roma

5. Tonneria Pesce e Vino

You’ll hear lots of good stuff about the best cheap restaurants in Trastevere Rome. However, they don’t always mention fish, because fish is more of an expensive, gourmet ingredient. Well, we have found what seems to be the best fish restaurant Trastevere Rome, and definitely one of the Rome best restaurants Trastevere is hosting for every seafood lover.

Tonneria Pesce e Vino is located Via Della Scala, which is super close to all the Trastevere Rome bars. The restaurant offers the best seafood and Mediterranean dishes. If you’re looking for delicious fried fish or fresh seafood, that’s where you want to go.

The prices are also quite mouthwatering – that makes Tonneria Pesce e Vino one of the best cheap restaurants in Trastevere Rome. Oysters, tartare, calamari, and platters show that Italians know how to present even the more natural ingredients. One of the best Italian restaurants in Trastevere Rome, and a must-try during your time here.

Where is Tonneria Pesce e Vino? Via della Scala, 67 Rome

6. Er Pizzicarolo

Among the best cheap restaurants in Trastevere Rome, we cannot forget Er Pizzicarolo. This Italian deli offers some cheap treats that will fill you in while you’re visiting the city. Like many restaurants I’ve mentioned here today, we’re still in the Santa Maria in Trastevere church surroundings. You’re in the heart of Rome, and the heart of Trastevere.

Restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy don’t have to be overpriced. Actually, most are pretty affordable. But not only makes panini like Er Pizzicarolo does. You can also order cold-cut plates with charcuterie and amazing cheese – that makes for an awesome night out between friends. Word. If you want something beyond restaurants in Rome Trastevere, only to stop by, shop and go, then stop by at Er Pizzicarolo.

Where is Er Pizzicarolo? Vicolo del Cinque 39, 00153 Rome Italy

7. Nannarella Osteria

10 Best Restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy - Cheap, Italian, Fish...

When someone asks about the best cheap restaurants in Trastevere Rome, but ignoring prices, only about the best Trastevere restaurants, we always recommend trying out an osteria. Actually, the best Italian restaurants in Trastevere Rome are osterie, which are the traditional Italian restaurants that pay a lot of attention on traditional cuisine and traditional cooking. There, you can eat and feel at home.

Osteria is the place where you are served, but it all feels like you’re home. An Italian home with delicious food. Roots and desire – that’s the basics of the Nannarella Osteria. Located near the coolest Trastevere Rome bars, Nannarella selects each ingredient carefully. The most famous dish there is the Tonnarelli, which follows the same recipe as Italian grandmas.

The desserts there are not an option – when you try their tiramisu, you’ll understand why I’ve chosen to put Nannarella on this list of restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy. If you’re looking for Rome Trastevere best restaurants, really make sure to stop by at Nannarella Osteria!

Where is Nannarella Osteria? Piazza di S. Calisto, 5, 00153 Roma RM

8. Impiccetta

If you want to find a fish restaurant Trastevere Rome, we’ve seen that Pesce e Vino is an amazing option. However, Trastevere Rome restaurants have other fish cards up their sleeve. Impiccetta is another great Rome best restaurants Trastevere where you’ll eat some of the most amazing fish and seafood dishes ever.

The sauteed mussels is a dish I always order in a fish restaurant. Like the Margherita, it helps me decide whether a restaurant is worth going to. And well, Impiccetta is one of those places where the fish plates and seafood starters feel perfect in your mouth. That’s why I’ve chosen it to belong to this list of the best Italian restaurants in Trastevere Rome.

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There’s just a huge history and background to Impiccetta. You just know, when you enter, that you’re in for a treat. After a great date night there, for instance, you can head towards some cool Trastevere Rome bars and end the night on a light note.

Where is Impiccetta? Via dei Fienaroli 7, 00153 Roma

9. Suppli Roma

10 Best Restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy - Cheap, Italian, Fish...

We are stepping away again from Rome Trastevere best restaurants, and looking for some street food! The best cheap restaurants in Trastevere Rome will almost always include street food and local Roman dishes. Suppli Roma is one of these. And I promise that once you try it, you’ll never go back.

Not only does this restaurant offer exquisite deep-fried pockets of rice or potatoes, but it also offers excellent pizza and pasta. Suppli options include Cacio e Pepe, amatriciana, and the famous four-cheese fillings. That makes Suppli Roma one of the most versatile restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy – a one-stop-shop if you will.

Where is Suppli Roma? Via di San Francesco a Ripa 137, 00153 Rome

10. La Boccaccia

And one last time, we’ll step away from Rome best restaurants Trastevere hosts, and we’ll talk Pizza al Taglio (sliced pizza). La Boccaccia is where you go when you want real, tasty street food. It’s one of the best cheap restaurants in Trastevere Rome since its offer mainly focuses on pizza. Since pizza is quite an easy dish, the options change every day.

Of course, there will always be Margherita, and vegetarian options too! We think what makes restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy so addictive is their work on traditional dishes. Get your pizza by the slice here, and taste a little bit more of Italy with each bite!

Where is La Boccaccia? Via di S. Francesco a Ripa, 21 Rome

Wrapping up 10 Best Restaurants in Trastevere, Rome

There we have them – the best restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy. We often go out not only for lunch or dinner to the best Trastevere restaurants, but also to do Aperitivo. The Trastevere Rome restaurants are an opportunity to meet with people, but also to meet new people and enjoy some of the best cuisines that Rome has to offer.

Luckily, even if the whole of Trastevere is quite touristic, you can still find some of the best cheap restaurants in Trastevere Rome. Restaurateurs have known how to keep the prices pretty low, and the food pretty delicious. That’s why you should go. To enjoy the street art, the beauty of the houses, and the most succulent restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy.

If, on the other hand, you’re staying pretty far from Trastevere, check out the best restaurants in the whole of Rome. We are sure you’ll come back saying how much you loved our options! And with that said, we hope you enjoyed our Rome Trastevere best restaurants list, and wishing you a great time in the Eternal City!

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