10 best beaches near Rome

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Little does the newbie traveler know that you can find the very best beaches near Rome in Italy. Those beaches boast a secret charm that lies on the fact that not that many people are aware of their existence. There, you can find water in all hues of turquoise blue, and enjoy delicious gelati in the best beach towns near Rome Italy. It is not all about architecture and statues, for once. Rome has so much more to offer, and today, we have worked up a guide of the top 10 beaches near Rome for you. Welcome to Italy!

10 Best Beaches near Rome

If we have put together this list of breathtaking beaches, it is because we know that in the summer, Rome gets hotter than hot. Although you might want to visit all the museums that the Eternal City has to show, you need to be aware of the weather. It gets hot – and so, what could be best than a small day trip to a nearby beach?

Fortunately, the province of Rome is a goldmine when it comes to water points. How lucky, really, to be able to enjoy both arts and nature around just one city? So, follow our guide. All those Italian beaches have been tested and approved by us. And we know you will love them as well!

1. Ostia

10 Best Beaches Near Rome - Italy Best
Photo: Mahalo Cz

Ostia is the first on our list of the best beaches near Rome due to its amazing location. Indeed, a mere €1.50 will take you there, using the metro lines of the city. Our tip? After you admire the stunning statue of the mythological god Neptune visible from the small pier, head over to Time Out, a delicious gelateria just minutes away from the seashore. We promise you will love your day there!

2. Nettuno

Photo: Wikimedia

Nettuno is one of the best beach towns near Rome Italy – the turquoise beach is also only at arm’s length from the capital. There, you will be able to snap the most beautiful shots of the lively beach. Our tip? Have lunch at one of the famous fish restaurants after a morning dip in the sea. The town also features a beautiful fort, that you cannot possibly miss for a complete tour of Nettuno.

3. Anzio

10 Best Beaches Near Rome - Italy Best
Photo: Scatti di Gusto

Anzio is located less than an hour from Nettuno on foot – why not enjoy a stroll along the shore from one town to the other? In Anzio, you will find the cutest little streets, a beautiful port, and the smooth sea behind the town’s fish market. The plus? It costs less than a tenner to go from Termini to Anzio, then Nettuno, and to come back to Termini!

4. Sperlonga

Photo: 123rf

On your way to Naples, you will pass by the station Sperlonga. When you are back, be sure to stop at Sperlonga. It very much deserves its place as a destination for the best beaches near Rome day trip. The historical center, the villa of Tiberius, the glowing water – everything makes Sperlonga one of the top beach destinations around Rome. For sure, you will come back home happy – and exhausted from an active day!

5. San Felice Circeo

10 Best Beaches Near Rome - Italy Best
Photo: Wikimedia

Like all the best beaches close to Rome, San Felice Circeo is located near the Latina province. There, relax all day long, and walk up to the beautiful city port. After that, why not enjoy exciting fish dishes in the city center, all fresher than the previous one?

Our tip? Come sunset, head over to the top of the town. The viewpoint gives an amazing feeling of freedom, and we know you will love to immortalize the beauty of the water with a few photographs!

6. Gaeta

Photo: GiusyL744

Amazing beaches near Rome day trip cannot be complete without Gaeta, no doubt about it. Built on a cliff towering over the sea, Gaeta offers much to see to the wanderer’s eye. The Grotta del Turco is one of our favorite spots there, a truly hidden gem of a day trip, and a very Instagrammable location.

7. Latina

10 Best Beaches Near Rome - Italy Best
Photo: Maldita22

The province of Latina offers mouthwatering beaches near Rome. All have their own spirit; some attract calmness, while some make you want to party there until dawn. Our favorite spot? Palmarola, a secluded beach that looks like paradise on Earth.

8. Santa Marinella

Photo: Etruria Meridionale

Santa Marinella is everything you would hope an Italian beach to be. And, honestly, it belongs more than fairly in this list. Why? Because of the deep turquoise color of the water. Because of the multitude of ancient Roman bridges, and the delightful ruins of the Roman Empire scattered all around town. Don’t make it a few hours – make it a real day trip.

9. Terracina

10 Best Beaches Near Rome - Italy Best
Photo: Italien.de

We have added Terracina to this list due to the stunning nature of both the city and the beach. When the sun hits the water and the walls of the town located only a few kilometers away from Circeo, then life truly holds all meaning. Our tip? Pay a visit to the Cathedral of Terracina, before losing yourself in the streets of the old town.

10. Sabaudia

10 Best Beaches Near Rome - Italy Best
Photo: LatinaTu

Among our list of the top waterpoints near Rome, we had to include the beautiful Sabaudia beach. Situated near Latina, a mere hour from Rome, it blends greenery and dark turquoise water. There, you can perfectly enjoy the sun and a passeggiata (a walk) in the nearby town.


Wrapping up 10 Best Beaches Near Rome

There you have them, the top 10 beaches near Rome, ones filled with clear, inviting water. Whether you choose Ostia, Sperlonga, or San Felice Circeo, you are sure to make the right choice for a relaxing day. So, pack your swimsuit, book your tickets, and on to the discovery of the prettiest beaches near Rome in Italy.

However, if you are wondering what to do the day after (except probably resting, from all the swimming and walking around), then you might love to take a look at the best things to do in Rome Italy!

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