10 Best Pizza Places in Rome Italy

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These two words, Roma Pizza, are heard more often than, for example, pizza in Naples. But why is that? Well, first of all, it’s because more people try and love the Roman pizza than those visiting Naples and trying the original pizza from Naples. The other reason is, that the two types of pizza are different in thickness, texture, and toppings. Italian cuisine is exceptional because traditional dishes are different in each region of Italy. What is a popular and local dish in Rome, is always the best in Rome, but what is amazing in Bologna, will always taste the best in Bologna. Now, when it comes to the best pizza in Rome Italy, you’ll get quite a few options. Roman pizza is thinner, the topping is richer than down south, and the city is packed with excellent pizzerias. Let’s see the 10 best pizza places in Rome!

10 Places for the best pizza in Rome Italy – Roma pizza

If you’re in search of Roma pizza, don’t stop only at the Romans style pizza! There are plenty of places listed in this article for the 10 best pizza places in Rome that serve mostly Neopolitan pizza. You’ll find below the best pizza in Rome Italy, in different neighborhoods so everyone has a chance to find the best authentic pizza in Rome!

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1. Berberè

roma pizza

Let’s see what place Romans ranked to have one of the best pizza in Rome Italy. When it comes to the Roman pizza, as I mentioned it’s usually a thin crust, but the pizza from Naples is thicker. Well, in many restaurants in Rome, they do serve the think version too. And honestly, that’s my favorite too! Berberè was opened in 2010 by two brothers Matteo and Salvatore Aloe in Castel Maggiore, a province in Bologna.

The Berberè in Rome opened in 2017 and quickly became a local favorite. Their philosophy is that the pizza is for sharing, and the environment is really welcoming and home-like. At Berberè the pizza is delicious, and the seasoning and toppings both are amazing. A different style that’s really unbeatable. Not too classic, not too modern. This is why Berberè is one of the 10 best pizza places in Rome!

Berberè address: Via Mantova, 5, Roma

Price Range: €€€

2. Jazz Cafe Roma

restaurants in rome jazz cafe roma

The second place for the best pizza in Rome Italy goes to Jazz Cafe! When it comes to the best authentic pizza in Rome, you want to go to places where locals eat, right? The restaurant/bar/cafe is located north of Piazza Navona, basically 1 minute away from Rome’s most famous square.

The food at Jazz Cafe Roma is amazing, and it’s made at the quality and level that locals eat. This means that the pasta will be al dente. Jazz Cafe is not a touristy place, so if you eat here, you can then say that you’ve been eating real Roman food. Also, if you’re looking for a great restaurant where you could join cooking classes in Rome, you can book a class at Jazz Cafe!

Pizza is made in a wood oven, and the dishes are delicious. If you want a real Carbonara, or try the delicious Amatriciana, make sure to stop by Jazz Cafe. Also, for everyone who loves seafood, this place is again a must-go, since they are serving dishes with fresh ingredients.

Jazz Cafe Roma address: Via Giuseppe Zanardelli 12, Roma

Price Range: €€

3. L’Elementare

Let’s see another place for delicious Roman pizza! L’Elementare is one of the top picks when it comes to the best pizza place in Rome Italy! For this Rome Italian pizza place to be born the two owners Mirko Rizzo and Federico Feliziani partnered up. L’Elementare combines two concepts that are the base of its philosophy: Roma pizza and craft beer.

Behind the delicious pizza at L’Elementare, you can find different fried dishes and selected products for appetizers. Rizzo’s pizza is the perfection of what we know as Roman pizza. Thin, crunchy, and very pleasant. And then the location! L’Elementare is located in the heart of Trastevere, the most authentic neighborhood of Rome. Speaking of which, if you’d want to stay in this neighborhood, check our Trastevere hotel list too!

L’Elementare address: Via Benedetta 23, Roma

Price Range: €€€

4. 180g Pizzeria Romana

roma pizza

Roma’s pizza can come innovative as well. If you’re looking for unique, interesting Roman pizza, look for 180g Pizzeria Romana. Now, 180g Pizzeria Romana. is one of the 10 best pizza places in Rome, and according to many local online magazines, it’s actually the best of the best pizza restaurants in Rome Italy.

180g Pizzeria Romana went through an evolution during the years, from location changing to many other factors. But it’s been also an evolution of the concept of Roman pizza. Jacopo Mecuro took the Roman culinary traditions to another level by offering pizza which is not completely traditional. There are also many pizzas that are made with seasonal ingredients and toppings.

180g Pizzeria Romana address:  Via Genazzano 32, Roma

Price Range: €€

5. Osteria Pasquino

Osteria Pasquino is the place I think of when I think about these two words: Roma Pizza. I had my first and the best pizza in Rome Italy at Osteria Pasquino 7 years ago, before actually moving to Italy. At that time Osteria Pasquino had other owners than what they have today, and the place was recently renovated and made beautiful!

Today Osteria Pasquino is the best pizza place in Rome Italy around Piazza Navona. Also, the restaurant is located on one of the cutest streets in the historic center, so sitting outside is amazing. The vibes are so Roman, and Osteria Pasquino is indeed one of those traditional osterias around Piazza Navona where you can savor this film-like Roman life.

Osteria Pasquino address: Piazza di Pasquino 1, Roma

Price Range: €€

6. Peppo al Cosimato

roma pizza

Peppo al Cosimato is one of Roma’s pizza places that you must stop by. When it comes to Roma Italian pizza, Peppo al Cosimato is a great pick. Well, otherwise it wouldn’t be among our 10 best pizza places in Rome. If you’re looking for the best authentic pizza in Rome, Peppo al Cosimato is your place to check in the Trastevere neighborhood.

Peppo al Cosimato is the acrostic of pizza and poor fish. Half of the menu at Peppo al Cosimato is based on fish, while the other half is the fruit and Francesco’s exquisite pizza. At Peppo al Cosimato there’s a pleasant variation of the classic Neopolitan pizza. They’ve also got a nice wine list to accompany your pizza. And don’t forget that it’s located in the most authentic neighborhood in Rome!

Peppo al Cosimato address:  Via Natale del Grande 9, Roma

Price Range: €€

7. Seu Pizza Illuminati

roma pizza

Seu Pizza Illuminati is one of the best places to eat pizza in Rome! When it comes to Roman style pizza, it’s not always the Roman style one that’s the best in the city. When it comes to great pizza restaurants in Rome Italy, Seu Pizza Illuminati is unmissable! The restaurant is located in the northern part of the Trastevere neighborhood.

Seu Pizza Illuminati is actually halfway between two neighborhoods. It was opened by Pier Daniele Seu and Valeria Zuppardo who brought a style of pizza with many variations, crusts, melting dough, and amazing toppings. Seu Pizza Illuminati stands out because of their creative variation of topping actually with experiments of vegetables too. A great neighborhood pizzeria that must be tried!

Seu Pizza Illuminati address:  Via Angelo Bargoni 1018, Roma

Price Range: €€€

8. Pro Loco Pinciano

roma pizza

Another great place for Roman pizza is Pro Loco Pinciano. When you are looking for the best places to eat pizza in Rome, you might also want to consider the locations. It’s really inconvenient if you’ve got to travel a lot to eat something unique, right? That’s why in this list of the best pizza place in Rome Italy, we covered different neighborhoods.

Pro Loco Pinciano was opened by Florentina Ceres and Gastone Pierini with a contribution of selected products by Vincenzo Macino. The concept of pizza at Pro Loco Pinciano is the base of being such a great place. They use local ingredients from the Lazio region for their extensive list of dishes and pizza options. It’s definitely a place to give visit!

Pro Loco Pinciano address: Via Bergamo 18, Roma

Price Range: €€

9. La Gatta Mangiona

roma pizza

Another highlight of Roma pizza is that they actually serve those with a thick crust, and this place is called La Gatta Mangiona. One of the 10 best pizza places in Rome, La Gatta Mangiona is located in Monteverde, and it was opened by Giancarlo Casa. When it comes to the best pizza in Rome Italy, you simply can’t ignore this place!

Beyond pizza, at La Gatta Mangiona you can find endless recipes of suppli and plenty of options for red or white pizza. The red or white pizza means if it has or not tomato sauce on it. At La Gatta Mangiona is a really easy-going environment where most guests are living in the neighborhood. Still, the restaurant is known all around Rome.

La Gatta Mangiona address:  Via Federico Ozanam 30-32, Roma

Price Range: €€€

10. Sbanco

roma pizza
photos from dissapore.com

Another great pick for Roma’s pizza is Sbanco. The Rome Italian pizza that you must savor if you’re looking for something modern and different. While they make some of the best authentic pizza in Rome, they also have great twists. Sbanco was born from the merge of two experienced restaurants. The owners Marco Pucciotti and Stefano Callegari opened Sbanco in San Giovanni district.

This pizza place is a bit out of the historic center, but it’s worth a visit! The pizza chef Alessio Muscas creates some pizzas that are worth a bus drive. At Sbanco you can find a really rich option of pizza and other traditional dishes too. Oh, and they also have great craft beers. With Sbanco we close our pizza restaurant list, it’s time to eat!

Price Range: €€

Wrapping up the 10 places for the best pizza in Rome Italy – Roma pizza

Now that we’ve been through the best location for Roman style pizza, as well as for Neopolitan pizza in Rome, you know where to find the best pizza in Rome Italy! Beyond the best places to eat pizza in Rome, maybe you want to try a pizza-making class in Rome too? Join one of the best cooking classes in Rome, so you can learn how to make the best authentic pizza in Rome!

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