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10 Best Italian Ice Cream Brands

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When you’re looking for the best Italian ice cream brands, it’s really hard to find many traditional brands of gelato, since gelato in Italy is to go to the gelato shop or Cremerias and buy it fresh. Yes, people do keep a few pieces of the best gelato brands in their freezer, but usually speaking, all amazing gelaterias in Italy or famous Italian ice cream brands are local, and you can only guy there, on-site. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few gelato brands and types of ice cream in Italy that you couldn’t buy in the stores. Below we are going to explore these!

10 best Italian ice cream brands

To expand our topic of Italy ice cream, beyond the best Italian ice cream brands you can find different articles for gelato shops in different towns and cities in Italy, such as gelaterias in Rome. Since most of the best Italian ice cream dessert is made by artisans, and small shops, we can’t suggest so many Italian ice cream brand names, but we can share where you can find the best gelato in town.

Below you’ll find some brand of gelato of which many are present internationally. We organized them in alphabetic order since we are not here to rank any of them, but to list the best gelato brands in grocery stores you could find. And as we said, you should know that many of these are not in Italian hands anymore.

1. Algida

best Italian ice cream brands

Algida is definitely one of the best gelato brands in grocery stores. You can find this Italian ice cream name anywhere around Europe in grocery stores, and you can look up overseas as well where they sell it because they most probably do. Algida is one of those brands of ice cream that is really adored everywhere in Europe, especially the subbrands like Magnum or Cornetto.

The brand was founded in 1964 and has become one of the greatest gelato brands in the world. They own brands you wouldn’t probably even know they do, such as Solero, Haribo and Calippo as well. They cover basically all fields of the world of sweets and desserts. Below we’ll be talking about Cornetto too, but since Magnum wasn’t founded in Italy, even if it’s one of our favorites, we didn’t add it to this list.

2. Cornetto

best gelato brands

When it comes to the best Italian ice cream brands, the above-mentioned Algida is a favorite, and among their ice cream types, Cornetto is a forever favorite (for me especially). As I said, if you’re looking for Italian brand ice cream, in Italy artisans make their gelato fresh and sell it in gelato parlors, not boxed in grocery stores, because those aren’t made the morning before as you can imagine.

So, among the very few brands that sell nationally and internationally, Algida is one of the biggest gelato ice cream brands, and Cornetto is a forever favorite for many. Crispy cone, delicious cream gelato, chocolate, and almonds… that’ the Cornetto we all love. There are also different flavors, including Strawberry, Mint Chocolate, and so. Although the origins are Italian, Algida overall is part of an Anglo-Dutch multinational Unilever, so while these products are top favorites in Italy, they are not Italian anymore.

3. Coppa del Nonno

If you’re looking for some of the best gelato brands in grocery stores, look for Coppa del Nonno. This is an Italian ice cream name that many of us adore, and they sell over 29 million cups every year. It’s one of the most famous Italian ice cream brands which was founded in 1955. Coppa del Nonno quickly became one of the best brand of gelato and was known as the Italian coffee ice cream par excellence.

In 1976 Coppa del Nonno became one of the most important brand for ITAGEL which is the ice cream sector born by the union of Tanara, Alemagna, and Motta. In 1955 it was incorporated into Nestle, and in 2016 was bought by Froneri, a company born after the union of Nestle and R&R. And, even if the owners changed, Coppa del Nonno was for 60 years and is still one of the most preferred gelatos in Italy.

4. Ferrero Rocher & Raffaello

best Italian ice cream brands

When it comes to an Italian ice cream dessert, well, I personally couldn’t name anything that I love more in Italy ice cream you can buy in grocery stores than the Raffaello ice cream! Since I was a kid, Raffaello coconut balls were my favorite treats, and when I discovered they’ve become one of the brands of gelato in Italy, I couldn’t wait to buy and try them.

As you know, both Ferrero Rocher and Raffaello are internationally famous, and now it’s time they become one of the most famous Italian ice cream brands too. The taste of Ferrero or Raffaello as an ice cream is just incredible. They started producing and distributing them in other European countries too in 2021, so make sure you check their availability in your country. It’s really worth it!

5. Grom

best gelato brands

Grom is one of the best gelato brands in grocery stores you could pick! When it comes to Italian ice cream name and Italian ice cream brand names, Grom is definitely one to look out for. And the company is still in Italian hands! Grom is amazing for many things, first of all, because they don’t use coloring agents, aromas, or emulsifiers. They use only fruit harvested when fully ripened, and they get those fruits from some of the best farms in Italy.

To make their gelato, Grom also uses high-quality milk and free-range eggs, while sorbets use lots of fruit, over 50%, spring water, and cane sugar. Now, to say a few words about Grom as a brand, it was founded by Federico Grom and Guido Martinetti in 2003, when they opened a tiny shop in Turin. The idea was the start making gelato the way it used to be, and they succeeded.

6. Gelato d’Italia

best Italian ice cream brands

Gelato d’Italia can be considered one of the best Italian ice cream brands, which also sell other Italian brand ice cream too. One of the best gelato brand in grocery stores that’s also available online. They work with brands like Indianin, Gelato da Sogno, and Joy Veg too.

Gelato d’Italia’s reputation is based on its ability to meet customer expectations and respond quickly. The brand is based in the heart of Emilia Romagna, the Italian food valley. We are hoping they will start distributing internationally more and it will be available everywhere. They Pistacchio flavor is especially amazing!

7. Motta

Motta is not only one of the best Italian coffee brands, but it’s also an outstanding name when we speak about Italian ice cream dessert. If you’re looking for brands of ice cream, Motta is truly one of the best Italy ice cream you could find. Angelo Motta founded a small artisan pastry shop in 1919 in Milan, where he was making his famous panettone. Towards the 30s, Angelo created a revolutionary product, a wooden stick covered with fiordilatte-flavored ice cream.

The famous Mottarello ice cream was born in the 1950s and was followed by other great ice cream types, such as Coppa del Nonno, and La Cremeria. Then, of course, there is the children’s favorite Maxibon, and the even more popular Pirulo, which appeared on the market in 2010. With over 100 years of experience, though the brand didn’t stay in the family’s hands and it became part of Nestle, Motta is one of the best Italian brands to keep an eye on!

8. Sammontana

best gelato brands

Sammontana is one of the best Italian ice cream brands you can buy in stores. The brand was founded over 70 years ago, and it started by being a gelato in a parlor, and this evolved to become one of the most famous Italian ice cream brand names. Sammontana is now one of the biggest gelato ice cream brands in Italy.

Thanks to the quality, innovation, and top-quality favors, Sammontana is the top favorite, especially if you’re looking for boxed gelato in bigger packages. They’ve got many popular types of gelato from Stecco Ducale to Coppa Oro, the Cinque Stelle, and others in the cone range. Also, they’ve got now a light gelato with natural ingredients and it’s 100% plant-based. Also, from Sammontana the Non Mordere gelato is also really popular.

9. Joy Veg

best Italian ice cream brands

Joy Veg is one of the best gelato brands in grocery stores for those who are looking for vegan Italy ice cream. This is truly the best gelato brand who are looking for plant-based ice cream. Joy Veg is one of the newest gelato ice cream brands, but it’s truly a gem that’s also 100% Italian.

They have soy-based, coconut-based, and plenty of different other plant-based ice cream and plenty of flavors. You can order Joy Veg also on some websites, but you’ll more likely find it in Italy only. They have canned and stick ice creams, and there are delicious flavors like pistachio or chocolate, and it’s all vegan and sustainable. This is a great dessert after a vegan dinner.

10. Antica Gelateria del Corso

The region of Emilia Romagna is famous for plenty of things, but first and foremost for the food. Think about only Parma, they’ve got the Parmigiano Reggiano, the Parma Ham, and, they’ve also got the best Italian ice cream dessert. When you’re looking for an Italian brand ice cream maker, Antica Gelateria del Corso is one to look for.

This isn’t one of the international brands of ice cream, though you can find their grocery store-packed ice creams too. While looking for a brand of gelato, Antica Gelateria del Corso is really amazing. In the early 1900s’ when people in Parma were meeting in an elegant cafe in Piazza Garibaldi, it went through a century of history to become today one of the best gelatos in town, the region, and even the country.

Wrapping up the 10 Best Italian Ice Cream Brands

Now that we’ve spoken of the best gelato brands in grocery stores, and the Italian ice cream name that everyone should know, make sure you check other sweet articles, such as the best Italian chocolate brands, cookies, Italian desserts, and much more to discover on Italy Best. Beyond Italy ice cream, stay tuned for the coming articles for gelaterias in different towns in Italy! Closing our list of famous Italian ice cream brands, we hope you found what you’ve been looking for, and hopefully, it’s available where you live too! If not, once you’re visiting Italy, you’ll at least know what’s the best gelato brand to buy!

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