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10 Best Italian Lingerie Brands

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Italy is most certainly known for its delicacy and finesse, whether it be in architecture, in the culinary field, or in fashion. And what is more delicate than a set of black underwear? Ornate with silk details under the breast or a hand-worked lace on the neckline, it’s the symbol of elegance.

Lingerie has evolved through the decades: from simple white underwear with the only purpose of support to the items of our wardrobe that will make women feel fearless and strong all day long. We have gathered in this article the ten best Italian lingerie brands for you to feel more confident in the amazing laceworks Italy has to offer! 

10 Best Italian Lingerie Brands

We’ve spoken about Italian fashion, shoes, bags, accessories, and designers. Now, it’s time to pimp your wardrobe with unique pieces coming from our selection of the best Italian underwear brands and be sure to feel fierce all day long! Indeed, we have chosen specifically these Italian underwear brands for the quality of their work as well as the majestic touch the Italian silk lingerie will bring to you. 

1. La Perla

How can we talk about Italian lingerie without mentioning La Perla? Famous mostly thanks to the delicacy of Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl), La Perla is doubtless one of the best Italian lingerie brands, and we can understand why.

The exciting designs, ornate with revealing details and luxurious materials such as silk and lace, are cleverly thought to enhance the natural beauty of a woman’s silhouette. The Italian lingerie of La Perla is no longer a simple set of underwear. Choosing the bra and panties that suit you will be a thrilling journey into discovering your femininity and seductive personality.

2. Ritratti Milano

Ritratti Milano is part of the Italian underwear brands we have a selection for you. The brand produces one of the best Italian lingerie you could find! Willing to accompany the modern woman throughout her life, Ritratti Milano designs seductive and sophisticated items.

The brand gives its customers the timeless charm they are looking for in a set of lingerie. You will be able to purchase at Ritratti Milano articles made from renowned Italian craftsmanship, using local materials. 

3. Intimissimi

Created in 1996, Intimissimi has established itself as one of the best Italian underwear brands, thanks to the fresh and seductive designs it offers.

Helping the femininity of its customers grow and inspiring them in their everyday life is the goal of Intimissimi. It has found a way to mix comfort and aesthetics in stylish designs, which makes it one of our favorite Italian lingerie brands.

4. Cotton Club

Cotton Club is probably one of the Italian underwear brands that have paved the way for luxury underwear.

Collections are full of talent and passion and the retro vibes give a genuinely cool look to detailed designs. Unusual yet extremely qualitative, Cotton Club definitely is one of the best Italian lingerie brands.

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5. Incanto

Known all over Europe, Incanto has truly imposed an innovative way of thinking about lingerie. The natural materials are indeed compatible with elegant designs women want to ornate their bodies.

The team of designers is working to create collections according to the latest fashion industry trends, which makes it one of the best Italian underwear brands. The sexy and comfortable items of Incanto are definitely part of the best Italian lingerie you can purchase.

6. Cosabella

Promoting the uniqueness of every woman, Cosabella is becoming a leader in terms of luxury Italian lingerie. Mixing Italian tradition and trendier fashion, you will love the refinement of each item that has been made by hand from local fabrics.

Your heart will melt in front of the quality of the designs, the vibrant colors, and the comfort provided by this family-owned Italian lingerie brand.

7. Cristina Aielli

Sexy and classy, this is what radiates from this Italian lingerie brand. Cristina Aielli, the Italian designer who gave their name to the brand, has bet on the confidence and strength of women to inspire her designs.

She has taken part in elevating simple daily lingerie to haute couture. Romantic lace, playful tailoring work, small details, luxurious fabrics… Italian lingerie enjoys a true renewal thanks to the meticulous artisanship of  Cristina Aielli. 

8. Flora Lastraioli

When talking about the best Italian lingerie brands, we have to mention Flora Lastraioli. Founded in 1932 by the designer of the same name, the brand has gained more and more interest in the Italian market.

Indeed, the luxurious hand-made items are made with a unique passion that has been transmitted by the women of Flora’s family. The embodiment of the brand is a determined, tasteful, and elegant woman.

9. Ambra Corsetteria Italiana

Ambra Corsetteria Italian is most certainly one of these Italian lingerie brands that will make you feel like a delicate gemstone. The precious and seductive designs will catch your attention, and the handmade quality will make your heart melt.

Be surprised by the out-of-time garments of the Maison, made out of the love for aesthetics, the passion for beautiful things, and the loyalty to tradition.

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10. Leilieve by Manicardi

Born in the ’60s within the Manicardi family, the brand has quickly climbed the ladder of success. Their innovative ideas have paved the way for modern Italian lingerie. Serving big stores such as La Rinascente or Galeries Lafayette, Leilieve by Manicardi offers gorgeous embroidery details without compromising the comfort fit.

Excellent point for the luxurious Maison, which we have thus decided to mention as one of the best Italian lingerie brands. The only thing you will hesitate about is the color of your set. Leilieve by Manicardi deserves without any doubt its title of the best Italian lingerie brand.

Wrapping Up 10 Best Italian Lingerie Brands

The finesse and delicacy of these Italian lingerie brands have easily gained our hearts. Luxurious or cheaper, silk or lace, dark or colored, you have all the tools to choose the perfect garment that will enhance the beautiful shapes of your body and make you feel like a queen, day and night. If you want to find brands from the other leading country in this industry, make sure you check out the best french lingerie brands too! Pursue an even more ornate and precious style with our 10 favorite handmade jewelry brands in Italy!

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