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15 Best Italian Lingerie Brands

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When we hear the three words Made in Italy what do we think first? We think quality, we think brands that are unbeatable worldwide, we think taste, we think elegance, we think luxury, and we think beauty. Italian lingerie brands are no exception in this, especially as this is one of those fields where Italians are truly the best in the world. Women’s lingerie brands are many, but everyone seeks to find either the best lingerie brands that are Italian, or French. Why? What do these countries know? What do Italian designers know? How come the Italian lingerie is better than others? We will speak about all that and more in this article, so stay tuned and prepare yourself, because you’ll end the day with some lingerie shopping for sure. Because, we are women, and we deserve the best!

15 Best Italian Lingerie Brands

I know, I know, many of you are looking for the worldwide popular Intimissim Italian lingerie brand because it’s famous, it’s great, and it’s one of the affordable lingerie brands from Italy that everybody suggests. But what about the rest? There’s no guide online more in-depth than this when it comes to Italian lingerie!

If you are looking for luxurious brands, for lingerie sets, or for simply cheap brands that are unique, and are not oversold, you’ll find the greatest tips here! We already discussed Italian fashion, shoes, bags, sunglasses, swimwear, perfumes, and designers. Now, it’s time to pimp your wardrobe with unique pieces coming from our selection of the best Italian underwear brands, and be sure to feel fierce all day long!

Indeed, we have chosen specifically these Italian underwear brands for the quality of their work as well as the majestic touch the Italian silk lingerie will bring to you. Also, note that the brands are in alphabetic order, so if you want to find our best picks, you must check them all!

1. Ambra Corsetteria Italiana

If you’re looking for the types of Italian lingerie brands that are screaming Italian, Ambra Corsetteria Italiana is the one for you. For me, this brand feels like you are wearing Firenze on you. The details they use on the lace, and the prints they use are very typical in the Italian luxury era from hundreds of years. You can find these prints on the clothing of rich, famous Italian women coming from royal families.

Of course, they’ve got simple pieces too. But if you want to feel like Italian royalty, this brand is for you! AMBRA dates back to the early 1960s. Giuseppe and Margherita Toppino have been working in the industry for decades, however, their lingerie line only came to life in 1988. That’s when the brand Ambra was born.

Also, it’s no wonder why I referred to the capital city of Tuscany, as Almbra originates from and is based in Alba, Tuscany. For their items, the brand uses precious materials, embroideries from the Lombard looms that centuries ago embellished the clothes of the nobles of the Visconti family. The Swiss macramé is also a base of their products. Luxurious craftsmanship at the highest levels.

2. Chitè

When we speak about the best lingerie brands, but any Italian clothing brands really, you could usually find them with a base in Milan. Chitè is not different. They also have physical stores in Milan and Bologna. The CEO is Chiara Marconi and the creative director is Federica Tiranti.

The brand was founded by them after they met in Paris and realized, that they both share a strong passion for women’s rights and women gaining their power back. They see lingerie as a second skin. This is the reason why they pay so much attention to the craftmanship behind their products, and the responsibility and sustainability of the brand.

As women, their focus is truly on the women who buy their lingerie. They design products for all shapes and sizes, and this also makes their items very versatile. They have something for every shape and size. Chitè offers bras and slips, as well as beautiful satin nightwear, men’s boxers, and accessories, such as satin scarfs, perfume, natural soap, and a mesh bag.

3. Dolce & Gabbana

italian lingerie brands

When it comes to the most famous Italian luxury fashion brands and lingerie in Italy together, Dolce & Gabbana is one of our favorites among the big names! Just to recap, D&G was founded in Legnano by the two worldwide famous Italian fashion designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

They continue running their brand while working with some of the biggest names. Not long ago, they had Kim Kardashian become the face of the brand, as well as Jennifer Lopez, or the famous Italian actor, Michele Morrone. The fashion house makes ready-to-wear, accessories, handbags, cosmetics, fragrances, and the real dream, lingerie too.

Their lingerie line is very attractive, very sensual, and very feminine. It speaks for itself, and the women who wear it would feel like queens. The lace lingerie, bras, and slips are of the highest quality and the most beautiful designs. When you look up the website of D&G, you can see every single piece they have screaming this is hot! They also have Make sure you check out our article about the brand, to learn more!

4. Cosabella

Cosabella is one of those Italian lingerie brands that focus on women. Their prices are mid-range compared to what we have on this list. The name of the brand means “beautiful thing”, and it is a family-run business. Cosabella was founded by husband and wife, Valeria and Ugo Campello in 1983. They always try their best to blend traditional Italian artisanship with fashion-forward innovations.

They focus on feminine, timeless pieces and designs to evoke individuality and confidence in women. The Italian artisans who create these pieces pay attention to quality. A thong, for example, can take up to 10 hours to be made. We believe Cosabella is the perfect Italian brand for everyday wear, for women who are looking to wear pieces of lingerie that are Italian artisan works, at an affordable price.

5. Cristina Aielli

Are you looking for exclusive and hard-to-reach pieces in the category of Italian lingerie? One of the best lingerie brands in the country, which’s also beautifully made-to-measure is Cristina Aielli. Sexy and classy. That’s what radiates through her designs. Cristina Aielli is an Italian designer who gave her name to the brand she created.

Basically, Cristina took elevating simple daily lingerie to haute couture. Romantic lace, playful tailoring work, small details, luxurious fabrics… Italian lingerie enjoys a true renewal thanks to the meticulous artisanship of  Cristina Aielli.  And where to find this unique designer? Yes, in Milan! She literally does couture in lingerie!

6. Flora Lastraioli

We can’t talk about womens lingerie without talking about Flora Lastraioli. This brand has the most noble history of all. In the early 19th century, the great-grandmother of Flora, Amelia was the official embroider at the court of Leopoldo II, Grand Duke of Tuscany. In the family, they were passing down from one generation to the other the knowledge of embroidery to women.

That’s how the company was founded later, in 1932 by Flora Frosali Lastraioli. Their products concurred the country, every elegant woman wanted to get a piece of the most luxurious, tasteful, and elegant lingerie. The pieces they make celebrate time-tested traditions of old-world tailoring in Italy.

If you are a woman who lives in her feminine energy, who values her femininity, and who surrounds herself with elegance and luxury, check out Flora Lastraioli. The brand was a couture line. Imagine that! Lingerie and sleepwear couture. Do we need anything more than that?


We know Gucci for much more than for women’s lingerie brands. It’s one of the Italian fashion brands everyone knows about. Gucci was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Tuscany. When Aldo, Guccio’s son took over the brand, it became worldwide-known and it was an icon of the Italian Dolce Vita period (the 60s and 70s).

As we can know from the book and the Gucci movie too, during the 80s the family had major issues that led to being completely left out of the company by 1993. The Gucci brand revived and in 1999 Gucci became part of a French conglomerate we know today as Kering. Today Jean-François Palus is the CEO of Gucci, and the creative director is Sabato de Sarno.

Gucci is one of the leading luxury brands today, with the utmost quality and designs in ready-to-wear, couture, lingerie, eyewear, footwear, and so on. They cover almost every industry within fashion. The lingerie line is very chic, sexy, and the type of Italian style, that we call Milanese. It’s the style that women especially in northern Italy can resonate with the most. Simple, and chic. That’s how we can describe it best.

8. Intimissimi

Intimissimi jennifer lopez

Intimissimi Italian lingerie heaven! When you’re looking into Italian lingerie brands, this is one of the best high-quality, yet affordable brands out there. We say this knowing that there are other affordable lingerie brands like Tezenis, or Yamamay when it comes to lingerie, but we would always choose Intimissimi above all!

The prices are fair and normal and the quality is exquisite… Well, it’s Italian. Intimissimi was founded in 1996 by Sandro Veronesi. The brand in 2005 was sold to Victoria’s Secret, and by 2006 the company opened over 1000 single-brand stores worldwide. They try to cover everything from comfy underwear to hot pieces, but they also have a swimwear line, loungewear, sportswear, and sleepwear.

Intimissimi worked together with some of the biggest names in the celebrity world. In 2015 Shlomit Malka was the face of the brand, and in 2017 Dakota Johnson. Among many others, in 2023 it was Jennifer Lopez who became the face of the brand. Intimissimi opened a 500-square-foot store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, and they worked multiple times with the Italian influencer and entrepreneur, Chiara Ferragni.

9. Incanto

Italy has quite a few luxury lingerie brands, as you can see. Our next in line is Incanto. This brand is different from most of the brands we listed, especially in style. It was founded in the mid-90s in Desenzano del Garda, which is a beautiful small town by Lake Garda.

Incanto looks for trendy, fashionable designs, instead of the timeless pieces we’ve seen at Flora Lastraioli for instance. They offer lingerie made of high-quality materials. The company, offering hot and attractive pieces, developed quickly. At the beginning of the 2000s, they spread around Europe and to the Russian market too.

10. La Perla

italian ligerie

When we say luxury lingerie brands, we all think first of La Perla. It’s simply because there’s no other brand that would overlap the queen of Italian lingerie brands. For those who are not very into luxury goods, lingerie set options, or anything like that, but you do watch series, you should’ve seen the impeccable pieces of La Perla on Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl.

Also, for Emily in Paris lovers… we do remember the beautiful lingerie Emily received from Antoin in the first season, right? But let’s talk a little about the brand itself! La Perla was founded in 1954 by Ada Masotti. The brand started in a small laboratory in Bologna, the region of Emilia Romagna, and it grew from there to the best lingerie atelier we know. Seductive, feminine, beautiful designs, and impeccable quality.

Over the decades La Perla managed to keep up with trends, and they adjusted exquisitely to their customer’s needs. Now, 60+ years later, La Perla is celebrated in the feminine community. Their bra and panties are elegant, high quality, and made with the best materials. They are for the runway! And their sleepwear too… the sateen and silk sleepwear, especially the navy blue collections… it makes you feel like royalty. (Or maybe you are?)

11. Leilieve

I personally found Leilieve while searching for a lingerie set and body-sculpting underwear for tight dresses. Leilieve was founded by the Manicardi family (husband and wife) in 1961 in Modena, and it became a brand of success in the lingerie industry quickly. Their pieces were sold in luxury malls like La Rinascente, and the Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

The brand started expanding around Europe in the mid-1980s when the sons joined in. In 2000 they opened their factory where the brand is functioning up until today. They offer beautiful pieces for modern and dynamic women, and they pay attention to the details. They sell pieces that are usually hard to find, and many industrial brands don’t even bother to make them, or they do a poor job of it. (such as the body-sculpting underwear).

Leilieve by Manicardi offers gorgeous embroidery details and a comfortable fit. Like most of the brands in this list, the Leilieve pieces are also completely Made in Italy. They have an online shop to order from, and they offer everything from bras to briefs, bodies, suspenders, lingerie, and sleepwear.


If you’re looking for women’s lingerie brands that are different, and new, I’d say NNIDE is the perfect choice. The brand combines a powerful Scandinavian minimalism with Italian and French sartorial traditions, which makes it so much more different than any other brand we spoke about. I do love the brand’s concept, products, and desirable designs.

NNIDE is a luxury lingerie brand founded in 2020. They offer the highest tulle and silk quality for their limited-edition collection. The brand is truly luxurious, and their prices reflect that too, but what they do is refreshing, and redefining. Their pieces are all hand-made too. Simple, and beautiful.

NNIDE is a fusion of the names of the Swedish/Italian couple behind the brand by the way. That’s why the style combination is so refreshing among the very Italian luxury brands that can be easily spotted and defined. Using their words:

“Our collection of luxury lingerie can be worn to feel bold in the bedroom, but also as a discrete reminder throughout the day of how sexy you are while conquering your goals and crossing off your to-do list. Nnide is not about showing off, but feeling in touch with your body and connecting with your poise, power, and pleasure.”

13. Ritratti Milano

If we have to name the second in line for womens lingerie that makes the most amazing lace bras, we say loud and clear Ritratti Milano! Fantasy, charming details, beautiful vision. When you check Ritratti Milano’s collections, you can only think about how attractive, how sexy, how feminine, and how sensual their pieces are. If you want to feel beautiful and empowered, for sure this brand can help you!

Ritratto Milano is a true hymn to the most authentic and refined femininity. A tribute, a dedication, and a declaration of love that accompanies the woman at every moment of the day. The brand was born in Brianza at the beginning of the 1980s. Since 2012 the brand has been purchased by Tex Zeta s.r.l based in Carvico (Bergamo). The woman who buys a Ritratto Milano garment is a woman who chooses, attentive to fashion without being a victim of it.

The quality of the fabrics and accessories used up to the knowledge of the workers and the noblest Italian manufacturing art represents a case of excellence. The other brands of the Tex Zeta S.r.l. company they are: Imec, Jaloe, Franca Von Wunster. Riatti Milano brand is considered both nationally and internationally a true example of Italian excellence.

14. Shh

Now this is the type of womens lingerie that screams playfulness and freedom: Shh Milano. The brand was founded by two ladies Elena and Sara, who are friends, above all. They worked together for some time before founding the brand Shh, and they realized how well they could work together.

The concept of the brand lies behind their wish to create cotton panties that are unconventionally sexy and cheeky too. Girls love these styles, and no wonder why! They also embroider messages into their lingerie, which are witty, sassy, and often filled with funny innuendos.

For me, this is the kind of underwear I’d happily suggest for girls, teenagers, and young women. But also the ladies of older age who love to be cheeky and fun. Shh Milano also offers loungewear for those who are looking for something of quality, yet fun and out of ordinary!

15. Versace

women’s lingerie brands

We can’t write an article about women’s lingerie brands from Italy without mentioning Versace! It’s almost like a sin to do something like that! Gianni Versace was the founder of the Versace brand. He founded the brand in 1978 and they’ve quickly become one of the biggest luxury brands of all time. Versace created history and innovation in the fashion industry.

After Gianni’s death, her sister, Donatella Versace took over the creative leadership of the brand, and she is the face of the brand up until today. They’ve got ready-to-wear, accessories, haute couture, as well as lingerie. To learn details about the Versace brand, please check our article! When it comes to Versace lingerie, the Greek and Roman mythological prints always dominate.

In the Versace lingerie collection, you can find the iconic pieces with the Medusa logo in the middle. The black lingerie with the golden prints has become iconic over the years. You can spot from far a Versace lingerie if you know the two types of golden prints that represent the brands from decades. These come in different shapes and styles too. On top of this, there are sporty and comfortable designs available too.

Wrapping Up 15 best Italian lingerie brands

Now that we listed the truly most famous, best lingerie brands, and discussed in-depth some of the greatest Italian lingerie brands out there, we hope you’re ready to shop! You can find many of these brands on Luisaviaroma (linked each for you separately under the brands) or on their direct websites too! Be a queen, feel like a queen, and treat yourself as a queen with the most beautiful lingerie from the best artisans, made with the finest craftsmanship and highest quality materials! Don’t forget, on Italy Best, you can find everything that’s the best in Italy!

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