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15 Best Luxury Hotels in Milan

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Milan is known for so many things, but if there’s one that we must highlight, it’s luxury. As you can imagine, the city isn’t just about that, and not everything is shiny and fancy, but there’s one certain thing we must notice! Milanese people know well to define luxury and taste. There aren’t many cities in the world that would be so famous for this concept as Milan. Dubai would probably be one of them, but it’s still Milan that comes to everyone’s mind when we speak about the biggest luxury brands in the world. Well, when it comes to accommodations, that taste and style you find in Milan can’t be found anywhere else. With that said, you must have a look at the best luxury hotels Milan offers and see for yourself the impeccable elegance and beauty. Below, you’re going to see the 15 best hotels in Milan Italy that define what 5-star hotels should be like.

15 Luxury hotels Milan has to offer

There are quite a few amazing luxury accommodations in the city of Milan, such as the Armani Hotel, the Excelsior Hotel Gallia a Luxury Collection Hotel Milan, or the BVLGARI Hotel that we can’t admire enough! There are also a few that didn’t make our list of the best luxury hotels in Milan Italy, since we tried to pick our favorites, instead of listing them all.

Before we get into the list of the best hotels in Milan, we’d like to point out a few reviews of specific accommodations we made, which aren’t all in the luxury category, but they are definitely worth your attention. We’ve got covered by the more affordable hotels too. We intend to cover all types of accommodations in Milan, bringing to your attention the greatest option for holidays and/or business trips as well. Let’s see now what the capital of Lombardy has to offer you in the merit of luxurious accommodations!

1. Armani Hotel Milano

luxury hotels Milan

We’d like to start with our gemstone of luxury hotels Milan has to offer, the Armani Hotel Milano. If you’re a regular reader of Italy Best, you could have noticed already, that Armani isn’t our favorite just when it comes to the best luxury hotels in Milan Italy, but also in fashion, perfumes, and the great man behind it all, Giorgio Armani is an idol for us.

If you have a look at just this one picture about the Armani Hotel, you may notice the perfect Armani style, the colors, the tidiness, simplicity, and elegance you see in his clothing lines are now reflected in this majestic accommodation as well. The Armani Hotel is located in the beautiful Brera Design District, more specifically in the chic Quadrilatero della Moda district, right near the Mentenapeleone Metro.

Downstairs you’d also find an Armani store, actually an Emporio Armani store. Via Mazzoni, where the hotel is located is one of the most elegant fashion streets in Europe. Rooms in Armani Hotel include Armani Casa furnishings (which explains what I just described regarding the design), as well as Nespresso coffee machines. The accommodation also features elegant stone or marble bathrooms.

Moreover, guests are welcomed with a daily breakfast buffet, as well as you can savor both Lombard and international cuisine in the restaurant. Armani Hotel also features a sauna and Turkish bath, and a fitness center. Everything that might be needed after an exhausting day in the city.

Armani Hotel Location: 26 Via Alessandro Manzoni, Milan

2. Château Monfort – Relais & Châteaux

luxury hotels Milan

Our next pick for luxury hotels in Milan Italy was without any question the Château Monfort – Relais & Châteaux. French elegance meets Milanese elegance in one charming 5 star luxury hotel Milan offers. Chateau Monfort is a boutique hotel located in the historic center of Milan, also located not so far from Piazza San Babila and Porta Venezia.

The hotel is set in a historic building, in an area from where you could reach easily the central area of the historic center, as well as the amazing restaurants, cocktail bars, and shops in the area of Porta Venezia. Rooms are themed combining different fairytales and nursery rhymes, making us feel like we stepped inside our dreams.

In Chateau Monfort there’s a lovely mix of modern facilities and antique details that create a glamorous chic vibe. You can also choose between the classic Italian cuisine of Rubacuori Restaurant, the Mezzanotte Lounge Bar which is open until late, and also the wine bar called La Cella di Bacco which offers an impressive wine selection.

Chateau Monfort Location: Corso Concordia 1, Milan

3. Bulgari Hotel Milano

luxury hotels Milan

Here comes our next of the luxury hotels Milan has in the lines, the BVLGARI Hotel. As with Armani and his style, if you have a look at the colors used at Bulgari Hotel, you’ll notice that it’s the same combination that you could see on the BVLGARI perfumes and jewelry too. We really do love how the style of a fashion or beauty product is projected out on a whole restaurant or hotel.

Bvlgari Hotel is definitely one of the best hotels in Milan, and its rating on of 9.1 is reflecting this. This is one of the most refined and exclusive accommodations in Milan, an exquisite boutique property that is also located close to Via Montenapoleone, the earlier mentioned famous shopping area.

The rooms are overlooking the beautiful garden of the hotel which is actually neighboring the Orto Botanico di Brera (botanical garden). At Bvlgari, there’s a blend of high-technology features combined with elegance and style that’s nowhere else to be found. You can also enjoy the spa, and indoor swimming pool while enjoying the gold and emerald green design, special lighting, and glass mosaics. Moreover, an elegant bar and restaurant are also at your disposal.

Bulgari Hotel location: Via Privata Fratelli Gabba 7/B, Milan

4. Four Seasons Hotel Milano

Not a surprise that Four Seasons Hotel Milano is on our list of luxury hotels in Milan Italy. Four Seasons everywhere around the world is able to keep up a high quality of luxury and elegance that makes it unique and absolutely worthy to be featured within the best luxury hotels in Milan.

Like almost all the above-listed hotels, Four Seasons is also close to Montenapoleone metro station, in the same elegant district of Milan as Armani and Bvlgari. If you’re looking for a 5 star luxury hotel Milan offers that’s also close to the Duomo di Milano, well, this one is just about 10 minutes walk away.

In Four Seasons guests are treated to a savory buffet breakfast, as well as you can choose from two restaurants that offer Sunday lunches, wine-tasting events, and delicious Italian products. As in many other cities, Four Seasons Milano is set in a historic building, a 15th-century convent. You also can expect large, spacious, comfortable, and elegant rooms of which some feature bathtubs as well.

Four Seasons Milan location: Via Gesù 6-8, Milan City Centre, Milan

5. Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa – LHW

Not really Milanese, yet absolutely fabulous accommodation and one of the best hotels in Milan Italy is Palazzo Parigi Hotel. Like most of the best hotels in Milan in the luxury category, Palazzo Parigi Hotel is situated as well in the most elegant district of Milan.

With wooden parquet or marble floors, a hint of Oriental style, and spacious, stunning suites, Palazzo Parigi is a place to stay if you want to feel like you are in Milan, but you’re not actually there. If you’re looking for something different, exotic somewhat, yet elegant, simple, and exquisite, this is the right accommodation for you.

You can also enjoy the restaurant in Palazzo Parigi hotel that serves local specialties, as well as you can visit the Caffe Parigi for a great Italian coffee and typical Italian sweets. Moreover, upon request, a buffet breakfast is also at your service. And if this wouldn’t be enough, at Palazzo Parigi Hotel, you can look forward to relaxing in their Spa and wellness center or enjoy the pool

Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa LHW location: Corso Di Porta Nuova 1, Milan

6. Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Milan

luxury hotels Milan

And here comes the beautiful Excelsior Hotel Gallia a Luxury Collection Hotel Milan, which is one of those 5 star luxury hotels in Milan Italy that lately gained so much attention in the digital world. Another stunning accommodation that’s located in the heart of Milan, right opposite the Milano Centrale train station.

One of its biggest highlights is the 1000m² Shiseido spa which everyone, understandably is dreaming about once you’ve seen it. There’s also a rooftop restaurant that’s absolutely exquisite, and the rooms and their style are remarkable as well. You can enjoy a buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Terrazza Gallia restaurant and bar, as well as there’s a lounge bar to enjoy cocktails.

The Italian furniture, the floor-to-ceiling windows, and Trussardi toiletries we’d say can already do their effect. Now, to top all this, there’s a conference center which can accommodate over 400 people and there are also multi-functional rooms that are perfect for private events. And if you’re still not convinced, free transfer in a Maserati car is also provided upon availability. Convinced now?

Excelsior Hotel Gallia a Luxury Collection Hotel Milan location: Piazza Duca D’Aosta 9, Stazione Centrale, Milan

7. Grand Hotel et de Milan – The Leading Hotels of the World

luxury hotels Milan

As you can see, our list of marvelous luxury hotels Milan offers is almost inexhaustible. With that said, our next in the line 5 star luxury hotel Milan offers is Grand Hotel et de Milan. As well as many other exquisite luxury accommodations, Grand Hotel et de Milan is also located in the so-called shopping district of Milan, which is otherwise called Brera Design District.

The hotel is really close to the Teatro alla Scala, as well as the Duomo. Grand Hotel et de Milan features beautiful and elegant meeting spaces, rooms, and also a high-tech fitness center. The furniture you’d find at this accommodation is high-end 18th century furniture which in our opinion is absolutely gorgeous.

You can also enjoy great Italian cuisine at Don Carlos restaurant, a cocktail at the contemporary Gerry’s Bar which is open till after midnight, and have an unforgettable experience in this impeccable historic hotel. As an interesting fact, the hotel was once home to the great opera composer Giuseppe Verdi for 27 years. This, I’d say it’s an unquestionable highlight of an elegant, historic experience surrounded by the glamour of the past that’s brought into the present.

Grand Hotel et de Milan location: Via Manzoni 29, Milan City Centre, Milan

8. Hotel Principe Di Savoia – Dorchester Collection

luxury hotels Milan

Alright, so let’s turn back a second to another type of luxury and see another of the 5 star luxury hotels in Milan Italy that might interest you! Hotel Principe Di Savoia is considered one of the best hotels in Milan which offer a top-floor spa and spacious, elegant rooms with a classic design and luxury furniture.

Hotel Principe Di Savoia is located on side of the financial district of Milan, offering a perfect stay, especially for those who are visiting the city for business matters. There’s an American buffet breakfast at your disposal in the morning, as well as a restaurant that serves both typical Milanese specialties and classic Italian dishes.

Moreover, there’s a bar offering cocktails until late, if you’d like to just relax on side of a great drink in the evening. At Hotel Principe Di Savoia you can also enjoy the spa that includes a sauna, Turkish bath, and a pool with frescoes. On top of it, you can request the hotel staff to book your tickets and free limousine service to the city center.

Hotel Principe Di Savoia location: Piazza Della Repubblica 17, Stazione Centrale, Milan

9. Hotel VIU Milan

Hotel VIU Milan is considered one of the best luxury hotels in Milan Italy, and there shouldn’t be any question about why. One of those luxury boutique hotels Milan offers that we’d all want to stay at least once, for sure! There’s a rooftop pool with a 360° panoramic view, and the hotel itself is also located close historic center of Milan.

Hotel VIU Milan is really close, about a 10-minute walk from the financial district of Milan, and the fashionable Corso Como area. The hotel features a spa center, sauna, and fitness center as well. Moreover, there’s a great mixology bar waiting for you to grab a great cocktail in the evening.

Now, the rooms of Hotel VIU Milan are the creation of the award-winning designer, Nicola Gallizia, which feature modern, luxurious, and remarkable design and furniture, elegant, modern decoration, and also marble bathrooms with high-end toiletries. A highlight of Hotel VIU Milan is that it was built using eco-friendly materials. Oh, and let’s not forget the other highlight, which is the restaurant they’ve got with a Micheline star chef!

Hotel VIU Milan location: 6 Via Aristotile Fioravanti, Stazione Garibaldi – Porta Nuova, Milan

10. ME Milan Il Duca

luxury hotels Milan

I’m afraid we still didn’t run out of 5 star luxury hotel Milan has to offer. ME Milan Il Duca has a spectacular rooftop terrace overlooking the skyline of Milan, while their rooms offer a contemporary style and 24-hour ambient music, beyond many other great facilities.

ME Milan Il Duca is located on Piazza della Reppublica, which is quite convenient for those who want to stay close both to the Milano Centrale station and the central locations of Milan. The rooms of ME Milan Il Duca are designed by Aldo Rossi, featuring state-of-the-art technology, and an incredible view over the city.

You can enjoy fine Aperitivo at the rooftop Radio Bar where you can also find DJ sets that lift the vibes every day. There’s also a fitness center at your disposal. Also, you can enjoy great cocktails at Il Giardino del Duca bar and overall, experience the greatness of the modern, luxurious Milan.

ME Milan Il Duca location: Piazza della Repubblica 13, Stazione Centrale, Milan

11. Sina The Gray

Sina The Gray has considered one of the best luxury hotels Milan city center has. Now, this accommodation is literally a few steps from the Duomo di Milano which makes it one of the most perfect places for those who actually want to stay right near the actual heart of Milan.

While we’ve discussed many of the best hotels in Milan, you can imagine that our work isn’t easy. Milan is packed with amazing accommodations, and we must highlight them all. The rooms at Sina The Gray feature a modern design that is combined with African decoration and fabrics.

We’d say when you want to pick something out of the line while you’re in Milan, just at Palazzo Parigi Hotel, Sina The Gray can be a great fit. Some of the rooms provide a private gym, and some have Turkish baths at your disposal. Moreover, at this hotel free smartphones are provided, and even smoking in the rooms is allowed upon request.

Sina The Gray location: Via San Raffaele 6, Milan City Centre, Milan

12. Park Hyatt Milano

As we are approaching the end of the list of the finest luxury hotels in Milan Italy, we take a step back to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Park Hyatt Milano is facing the entrance of the shopping arcade which makes it a great option for anyone who’s just into staying right near one of the most famous architectural works of the city.

At Park Hyatt Milano you can have spacious, elegant rooms, absolutely Milanese style, on side of beautiful marble bathrooms. Moreover, some of the rooms have a private terrace offering an exquisite view of Milan’s skyline and the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II as well.

To top all that, you can also enjoy a great meal at La Cupola, or sip a delicious cocktail at Mio Lab. But, you can also take note that there’s a very good fitness center at your disposal, and the fact that it’s located in a quiet convenient area can’t be dismissed either!

Park Hyatt Milano location: Via Tommaso Grossi 1, Milan City Centre, Milan

13. Casa Cipriani Milano

Casa Cipriani Milano is one of those elegant luxury boutique hotels Milan offers that we couldn’t ignore. Set in a peaceful area, only 200m from GAM Milano, Casa Cipriani Milano is one of the luxury hotels Milan city centre that offers not only exclusivity but calm surroundings. They offer a hammam and spa center too.

Casa Cipriani Milano provides beautiful rooms with a terrace, private parking, and a restaurant and bar with the most beautiful interior design. There’s room service available, and inside the room, you’ve got everything from a coffee machine, minibar, safety deposit box, TV, and private bathroom too. In the mornings, you can enjoy a la carte, Italian, or American breakfast too.

Casa Cipriani Milano address: 24 Via Palestro, Milan City Centre, 20121 Milan, Italy

14. Meliá Milano

Our last pick on the list of luxury hotels Milan offers is Meliá Milano. If there’s something that reminds us of Manhattan in Milan, we’d say it’s definitely Meliá Milano. This accommodation isn’t close to the city center, in fact, it’s close to the San Siro stadium, so for those who want to attend a soccer game, this place can be quite convenient.

In each case Meliá Milano isn’t designed for soccer only, it is in fact one of the most beautiful 5 start luxury hotels in Milan Italy, despite its location. Rooms are beautiful, with a clean style that you could be familiar with if you’d spent some time on the Upper East Side, and it offers all those facilities that you might be needed while you’re in Milan.

There’s a 24-hour gym and spacious rooms. The hotel offers a lovely buffet breakfast at Mami restaurant, while you can also visit the Elyxr bar for signature cocktails and finger food. If you want to avoid the noise and crowds of the city center, Meliá Milano is absolutely a great pick.

Meliá Milano location: Via Masaccio 19, Fiera Milano – City Life, Milan

15. Mandarin Oriental, Milan

We are moving to something a bit more modern for those who prefer that, so our next on the list of hotels in Milan Italy should definitely be the Mandarin Oriental. When it comes to 5 star luxury hotels in Milan Italy, as you can see, there’s something for everyone and every taste.

Mandarin Oriental Milano offers a wellness center with an indoor pool and also a fitness center. A luxurious accommodation that’s located in the same area as the Grand Hotel et de Milan, surrounded by fabulous boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, and of course, it’s really close to the main sights of the city.

You can find on-site a 2 Michelin stars restaurant, Seta, and meeting facilities. Mandarin Oriental is set in a complex of 4 connecting 18th-century beautiful buildings, where you’ll find in the suites furniture designed by Antonio Citterio along with modern indoor decoration. Moreover, your accommodation would come with a marble bathroom, a Nespresso coffee machine, and all the equipment you’d need for a perfect stay.

You can also enjoy upon request private dining at Michelin-starred restaurants and great cocktails at Mandarin Bar and Bistrot. Now, if you’re desiring some relaxing time, the indoor pool, sauna, massage, and beauty treatments, as well as hairdressers are at your disposal. Mandarin Oriental is a place where you can get your stay to the most relaxing, and satisfying levels.

Mandarin Oriental Milano location: Via Andegari 9, Milan City Centre, Milan

Wrapping up the 15 Best Luxury Hotels Milan Has to Offer

Now that we’ve gone through some of the most elegant, most beautiful, most stunning accommodations, 5 star luxury hotel Milan offers, the question remains. Have you found the perfect one for your style and expectations? If so, while booking your stay in Milan, make sure you also check out some great things to do in the city, festivals that take place each year, and perhaps also our list of churches? We love Milan because we’ve set up our base right in its neighborhood, so we tried to make sure we’re covering every hidden gem and beauty Milan has to offer for its visitors, along with restaurants, bars, and much more!

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