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15 Best Affordable Hotels in Milan

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To say that it’s hard to choose the best hotels in Milan Italy is an understatement. It’s incredibly difficult to pick 15 hotels out of more than 400 and say that these are the best mid-budget or cheap hotels in Milan Italy. It took days to review our list of hotels, and it was extremely difficult to take off our list many of the hotels. There are plenty of hotels in central Milan near duomo and in each and every other district. We tried to select the best places to stay in Milan Italy by reviewing multiple factors. Though, if many didn’t make our list, don’t forget that there are many more great places where to stay in Milan!

15 Best Hotels in Milan Italy – Mid-Budget List

There are quite a few cheap hotels in Milan Italy, and dozens and dozens of mid-budget places. If you’re looking for tips on where to stay in Milan with family, or hotels in Duomo area Milan, you’re in the right place! We are going to cover different hotels in Milan that are really beautiful, high-rated, and usually mid-budget.

We tried to not pass a certain budget, which made our list even harder to make. There are hundreds of high-rated, beautiful accommodations in Milan. Our task today was, to make a list of a small collection that is our personal top picks. So let’s see where is the best place to stay in Milan Italy, and why are these places notable?

1. The Square Milano Duomo

As I said, it was really hard to put together a list of the best hotels in Milan Italy. Now, the first we want to start with is The Square Duomo Hotel. For those who are looking for hotels in central Milan near Duomo, this is the highlight.

In the area, there are many apartments to rent too, if you don’t want a hotel. But if you’re looking for a hotel experience, The Square Duomo Hotel is a great option! It’s set in a historical building, about 4 minutes away from the Duomo, the Scala Opera House, and of course the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

The Square Duomo Hotel offers a restaurant, and bar to enjoy. The rooms have a beautiful, trendy, modern style, and they come with private bathrooms which are stocked with toiletries and a hairdryer too. A great place if you want to stay in the center of the center, and you want a really stylish place on an affordable budget.

2. Aparthotel Meneghino

aparthotel meneghino

Are you asking where to stay in Milan with family? Well, the Aparthotel Meneghino is definitely your best option, especially if you can’t afford luxury hotels. The accommodation is located on Piazza Cinque Giornate, which is about a 20-minute walk from Piazza del Duomo, and it’s still in the historic center of Milan.

Aparthotel Meneghino has a great location, with shops, restaurants, and cafes around, and also easy transport by tram and bus. This is one of the highest-rated cheap hotels in Milan Italy. On booking.com it has a 9.6 rating which is amazing, and on Tripadvisor is rated at 5*, so it’s excellent.

The interior design is clean, and lovely, with big Milan street prints on the walls in each apartment. Also, the apartments come with a living area, kitchen area, private bathroom, and bedroom. There’s space for 4 people in one apartment. It’s also great because while you have the privacy of your own apartment, you still have reception and people who take care of your comfort and needs each day. If you want to learn more about this accommodation in Milan, read our complete review on Aparthotel Meneghino.

3. Hotel Tocq

Let’s see some more accommodations to find answers for where is the best place to stay in Milan Italy! Our third pick is Hotel Tocq which caught us first mostly because of its beautiful interior design. The beautiful modern furniture and decor are just stunning!

Hotel Tocq offers elegant rooms and a refined restaurant which is serving Milanese and Italian specialties. Also, the hotel has a great location, close to the city center, to Porta Garibaldi train and metro station, and just steps away from Corso Como. If you didn’t know, Corso Como is one of the most fashionable streets in Milan with shops, restaurants, and bars, as well as jewelry stores, and Milan’s great designer shops.

The rooms in Hotel Tocq have a beautiful modern style, with light-colored furniture and walls. Rooms are coming with everything from the minibar to a private bathroom, and comfy beds. In the restaurant, you can try great Italian wines, and enjoy the panoramic views of Milan in the summer from the terrace of the hotel. Buffet breakfast is served, and at the cafe, you can enjoy cocktails and snacks.

4. Hotel Milano Scala

Continuing our list of best hotels in Milan Italy with another of the hotels in the duomo area Milan offers, Hotel Milano Scala. This accommodation is located about 350m from Teatro alla Scala opera house, and close to Milan cathedral.

The hotel is carbon-neutral, and also eco-friendly, so for those like myself, who appreciate those that work for sustainability, we can recommend this place. The rooms are decorated to reflect the famous opera house, and there’s a lovely terrace at your disposal too!

You can get a buffet continental breakfast while you could also enjoy a live performance of harp or piano. Also, there’s a restaurant available, Ristorante Prima Donna which served traditional dishes from Lombardy with ingredients from an onsite vegetable garden. Pretty cool no?

5. Bianca Maria Palace Hotel City Center

If you’re looking for somewhat cheap hotels in Milan Italy, here’s another mid-budget place to consider, Bianca Maria Palace Hotel City Center. This place is also located near Piazza Cinque Giornate, just like Aparthotel Meneghino. It might be more pricy though.

Bianca Maria Palace Hotel offers a free fitness center, and the rooms are stocked with everything you’d need. They also have private bathrooms and beautiful indoor decor. You can enjoy in the morning sweet and savory breakfasts and they’ve got also a restaurant to enjoy some delicious dishes.

6. Hotel Manin

If non of the above were satisfying, and you’re still asking where is the best place to stay in Milan Italy, here’s another option, Hotel Manin. This hotel is also located close to Teatro alla Scala and Piazza del Duomo, so it’s convenient for those who want to stay as central as possible.

You can enjoy beautiful views over Indro Montanelli park from Hotel Manin, and relax at the stunning outdoor terrace and garden. The hotel is one of those accommodations in Milan that are family business. Hotel Manin is owned by the Colombo family since 1904 and is set in one of the oldest and most famous buildings in Milan.

At Hotel Manin you are hosted in elegant, fully equipped rooms featuring private marble bathrooms. Now, at the restaurant Manin, you can try regional, Italian and international cuisine as well, which you can enjoy in the garden during the warm months.

7. Aiello Rooms San Babila

Continuing our list of the best hotels in Milan Italy, here’s another lovely suggestion, Aiello Rooms San Babila. If you’re looking for where to stay in Milan with family, this accommodation could work well too. Especially if you’re looking for a place that’s somewhat closer to Piazza del Duomo.

This is a guest house that provides fully equipped rooms with private bathrooms and it’s located in one of the cutest districts of Milan. When it comes to the budget, it’s also somewhat more affordable than a couple of the above-mentioned places.

8. WorldHotel Casati 18

Our next on the list to discuss is WorldHotel Casati 18, which is an accommodation that offers special protection program for its guests. This might be important for some of those who are looking specifically for something like that.

WorldHotel Casati 18 is located close to Milano Centrale train station as well as the shopping street, Corso Buenos Aires. The elegant hotel offers a classic-style interior design with beautiful leather sofas and light colors. Breakfast is an American-style buffet breakfast for guests.

All the rooms in WorldHotel Casati 18 are really stylish with dark-wood furniture and equipped with everything you might need in a hotel. Another beautiful note on this accommodation is that when you arrive you’ll be guided to a free fruit and biscuits spot that’s prepared to welcome guests. Oh, and there are also afternoon teas served!

9. Hotel Manzoni

If you’re still looking for where is the best place to stay in Milan Italy, we’ve got 7 more suggestions. Out of these, the first is Hotel Manzoni, a 4-star hotel which is set in the famous shopping area of Montenapoleone.

Now, at Hotel Manzoni you’ll find refined beautiful wooden floors, and marble ones that give a place a chic vibe. The rooms are fully equipped and lovely. There’s also a restaurant called Don Rodrigo which offers Italian and international cuisine, as well as specific Milanese dishes.

On top of that, of course, you can pair your dinner with some of the best Italian wines. You can also find a fitness area and wellness area featuring a Turkish bath and hot tub. Since this is a central place, if you prefer their refined style, it’s a great pick to stay in Milan!

10. Worldhotel Cristoforo Colombo

Another one of the best hotels in Milan Italy is Worldhotel Cristoforo Colombo. A stylish, elegant place that will make you fall head over hills right away! This hotel is located in Corso Buenos Aires, which is one of Milan’s shopping streets.

It’s also a great spot to get around the city as Worldhotel Cristoforo Colombo is located right near the Porta Venezia metro station. Now, the hotel also has a spa, so it’s great for those who want to fit some relaxing time into their trip. Oh, and they’ve got also a restaurant.

11. NH Milano Touring

If you’re looking for a minimalist, stunning, and really girlish style and elegant place to stay in Milan, Milano Touring is a perfect choice. The light powder colors in the rooms, the lobby, and the restaurant too are some of the big reasons we added Milano Touring Hotel to our list.

This one is located near the Repubblica metro station, which is 1 stop away from Milano Centrale train station, and it’s the metro line that takes you to the Piazza del Duomo. If you’re looking for cheap hotels in Milan Italy, as I said you could instead find mid-budget places that are elegant, stylish, and well-rated.

With that in mind, if you consider Milano Touring hotel, know that at the Milano Touring’s ristorante Pianoterra you’ll be able to have a great breakfast. You can enjoy traditional Italian and international cuisine at lunch and dinner, and there’s also traditional Aperitivo served before dinner.

12. Hotel Dei Cavalieri Milano Duomo

Hotel Dei Cavalieri Milano Duomo

If you are still asking where to stay in Milan Italy, our next suggestion is Hotel Dei Cavalieri Milano Duomo. The hotel is located close to the Duomo of Milan and it’s a beautiful place set in a historic building, near Missori metro station.

As with most of the above accommodations, Hotel Dei Cavalieri Milano Duomo also has a restaurant serving traditional Italian cuisine. The interior design is classic, with wooden furniture, wooden floor, and pastel colors. Also, each of the rooms are well equipped and they’ve got private bathrooms with either shower or bathtub.

In the morning guests can enjoy a buffet breakfast, at lunchtime, there are hot snacks served at the bar, and also dinners are à la carte. If you are visiting Milan during the summer, you can also enjoy the rooftop restaurant which has a terrace too.

13. Residenza delle Città

We are now changing accommodation types as we speak about Residenza delle Città, which is a self-catering accommodation. Apartments come with a fully equipped kitchen, comfy room, and lovely design. Residenza delle Città is located about 600m from Milano Centrale train station.

The spacious stylish apartments have wooden floors and marble bathrooms. You can have breakfast and shopping from the local supermarket also delivered if you’d rather not go yourself. Also, Residenza delle Città has now a fitness center and there’s also a terrace with outdoor tables. It’s a good place to stay if you’re staying in Milan for a longer period of time.

14. iQ Hotel Milano

If you are still asking where to stay in Milan Italy, the next on the list you should consider is iQ Hotel Milano. This hotel is facing Milano Centrale train and metro station which is a great location thanks to the easy access to the metro.

At iQ Hotel Milano you can find a generous buffet and enjoy accommodation with a modern design and rooms well-equipped which also have private bathrooms. There are also rooms that have balconies, but you have to request this.

15. Uptown Palace

Uptown Palace

One of the most stunning views at an affordable price you can find at Uptown Palace. We are closing our list of the best hotels in Milan Italy with this place, which offers a stunning panoramic view over the city. Uptown Palace is a contemporary hotel located close to the Missori metro station.

Now, the hotel features a high-tech conference center, which is great if you’re looking for accommodation for a business trip that needs this. You can also find in Uptown Palace a restaurant to enjoy nice meals, and there is a buffet breakfast served in the morning. At the restaurant, you can try Italian and international cuisine that includes seafood and homemade pasta.

The rooms are fully equipped and they have private bathrooms too. From Uptown Palace you can get some stunning views over the Duomo di Milano from the balcony. Also, if you want to book a suite, they have also living rooms.

Wrapping up the 15 best hotels in Milan Italy

As we have mentioned multiple times, there are many more hotels you can choose from in Milan. If you want to search for more, make sure you check the booking.com widget below for ideas on where to stay in Milan with family, and more! We tried to cover some of the best hotels near Duomo in Milan Italy that are also rounding around a mid-budget, but most of the accommodations in the area are more expensive.

You can also see b&bs’ and apartments in Milan to stay at. Of these, you can find more accommodations around the Duomo too that aren’t too expensive. In each case, we hope you’ve found the best place for your stay in Milan, and make sure you check our luxury hotel list too! Also, if you need ideas on things to do in Milan, hidden gems, and annual events, we’ve got that covered too!

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