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10 Best Italian DJs

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When we think about going to a festival, concert, or any other gathering that is situated around music performances, the first thing that we are thinking about it’s who might be the performers of the event. That’s why DJs have become extremely important figures in the music industry thanks to the long history they have gathered through years of developing mixing techniques for every type of event.

Italian DJs – Performing around the world

Those who are interested and want to be up to date for their further musical events crawls know for sure about the fact that lots of famous DJs that are performing in important events around the world are coming from Italy. Italian DJs have become global ambassadors in the music industry by producing and mixing different music categories.

The musical categories that had brought our Italian DJs to this label are situated in the EDM music sector having techno, house, trance, industrial, and many more. That is why we have decided to create the 10 best Italian DJs list for those who want to find out more about famous DJs around the world that come from Italy.

1. Benny Benassi – An Italian DJ, becoming a worldwide pioneer

The 1st Italian DJ that has become a pioneer worldwide is Benny Benassi. He is a record producer and re-mixer in the electro house category. The DJ from an amazing city in Italy, Milan, has adapted his style over the years by combining genres such as a house, electro, progressive and micro house, exploring all the musical styles. His reputation has become known in the DJ world thanks to his amazing performances, receiving praises from worldwide famous DJs like Carl Cox.

2. Claudio Coccoluto

Claudio Coccoluto – Blues brunch

For sure, more and more legends are being born and starting their career in Italy. Claudio Coccoluto started his DJ passion when he was only 13, having mixing as a hobby. Nowadays, he is known as the legend of the house scene.

He is one of the many Italian DJs that realized music is the best path for him to start, following an amazing career. He is very dedicated to its musical creation and the meaning of house music, playing it all around the world and spreading his saying that “music is a culture without any nation, any sex, any race or class”.

3. Barbara Palermo – DJ AniMe, one of the best Italian female DJ

Barbara Palermo, known ad DJ AniMe enjoys international fame as being one of the best Italian techno DJ females. Another DJ that started a musical career at a young age, now she is a producer of hardcore techno and grabber Italian music.

Along with her career, she had mixed, produced, and even composed, all those to be able to show more of her musical vision. Nowadays, she continues her career while being appreciated by famous DJs worldwide for the darkcore music she produces.

4. Mario Fargetta

Innovation and creativity are the two words to describe one of our best Italian DJs, Mario Fargetta. Reaching the no. 1 in Europe’s club chart for his music, this Italian DJ has evolved during his career by taking his musical beliefs and desires beyond Italy.

He is an Italian producer of electronic and house music that received praises and rewards around the world for his creations, one of them being “Tamperer Ft Maya – Feel it.

5. Marco Carola – The most wanted Italian DJ for techno music

Marco Carola, an outstanding EDM music producer, become successful thanks to his vision. In fact, he is one of the DJs that got the chance to grow with the support of many Techno DJs worldwide. Those succeeded leading him to a successful career nowadays. He is one of the most requested Italian DJs for techno at festivals, private events, and streams.

He is also being an important producer of electronic dance music, specializing in techno. Furthermore, most of his genres are combined into his final mix, having melodic lines, electronic beats, and experimental arrangements as the revolutionary fusion.

6. Meduza

Born as a collaboration of three music producers, Meduza is having worldwide success in the music industry since 2018. Similarly, the trio is determined to gain even more international fame around the world.

An important feature for them is having a forward-thinking about music genres and creative innovations. They combine smooth vocals with a melodic house backbone which gained their success by having more than 14 million streams online. One of the breakthrough songs that they co-produced is called “Piece of your heart”.

7. Daddy’s Groove

Daddy’s Groove – Stellar

Another Italian team with an innovative musical vision is Daddy’s Groove. Carlo Grico and Peppe Folliero are two Italian DJs that produced, remixed, and performed their own signature of electronic dance music. Indeed, they have a big history and a great reputation, being situated in the DJ Mag top 100.

They performed at festivals such as Tomorrowland and were requested in famous clubs around the world, having a great evolution through the years. The collaboration they had with other famous artists helped gather international fame and attention in the electro/house set.

8. Giuseppe Ottaviani – An Italian DJ veteran

Known as an inspiration to others DJs thanks to his musical approaches, Giuseppe Ottaviani has taken the music energy to other levels worldwide. In fact, he is named as a veteran of tech-trance and progressive music.

He is personalizing every piece or mix he is presenting. For instance, he had contributed a lot to recreating and reinventing the trance music genre. His big fans are following him at the world’s most loved EDM festivals. The concert experiences that he delivers are epic, keeping hundreds of people in trance vibes until the sun comes up.

9. Joseph Capriati

An Italian DJ that absorbed a lot of musical influences from his most appreciated techno pioneers, Joseph Capriati started a long journey of mixing at only 11 years old. He had studied types of sounds, compared genres, and had models such as Marco Carola and Rino Cerrone.

Hundreds of festivals and events appearances and thousands of fans had followed him during this amazing career. All of those made him become one of the most wanted and respected artists in the music industry. Moreover, his energy of slick and emotive techno took him to release his own productions and bonding partnerships with other producers in the music industry.

10. Sam Paganini – Paganini Traxx, Italian DJ legend

Therefore, at the end of our list of ten best Italian DJs is Sam Paganini, known as Paganini Traxx. He is a very successful DJ in the techno world for a very long time now. Also, his legendary mixes style is played in well-known music events and famous clubs.

Those made him stand out as the only Italian to release the best techno albums under his name. Moreover, some of his creations got to the Beatport Techno Top ten. and were classified among the best Techno and Hard Techno artists around the world.

The Italian DJs around the world, having a continuous evolution

Indeed, those Italian DJs have contributed to many innovative productions in the music industry. Born in Italy, they have become international figures for DJ performances and mixes. Their performances are listened to and loved by all EDM lovers, especially techno music lovers. Not everyone knows that they are from Italy, but after listening to their creations, more and more listeners are amazed by how they gained such a reputation of being the best Italian DJs of our times.

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