best Italian restaurants Birmingham

10 Best Italian Restaurants in Birmingham

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Are you looking for the best Italian restaurants Birmingham has to offer? Are you curious about where can you find authentic Italian meals on a budget? Or it’s time to celebrate a special occasion and you are ready to spoil yourself with some really special dining experience? Look no further! We collected the best Italian restaurant in Birmingham and we are excited to share them with you! No matter you prefer pizza, pasta, or seafood or want to try some delicious antipasti, in the below-mentioned restaurants you will find everything you could ever wish for after stepping into an Italian ristorante.

10 Best Italian restaurants Birmingham

When it comes to the best Italian restaurant Birmingham won’t let you down for sure. In this article, we are going to take a look at the best Italian restaurant in Birmingham, including pizza places, popular lunch spots, and fancy dining options as well where you can enjoy a romantic dinner or celebrate a special occasion.

We will both look at the Italian restaurants Birmingham city centre has to offer, but we will also move further and show you some options in the different parts of the city. But now, without further ado, let’s see where should you eat if craving Italian food in Birmingham.

1. @pizza Grand Central

best Italian restaurants Birmingham

The first Italian restaurant Birmingham has to offer its visitors is @pizza Grand Central. It is a very popular place and nothing proves this better than the fact that it is right at the top of the list of the best Italian restaurants in Birmingham on Tripadvisor. Moreover, it has also received the Traveler’s Choice 2022 award.

If you decide to dine here, get ready to experience the extensive options of putting a pizza together. You can design your own pizza to make it perfect for your taste! The restaurant allows you to choose the base, sauce, cheese, toppings, and finishing touches for each pizza, to eat exactly what you want.

If you prefer a light salad or something else, you can choose from various tasty bites and delicious salads made from fresh ingredients. So if you are looking for Italian restaurants Birmingham city centre has got for you, @pizza Grand Central is something you should definitely consider!

2. Piccolino

When it comes to Birmingham Italian restaurants, Piccolino is a chic dining option that you should also visit. It is located in Oozels Square, in a breathtaking venue with traditional Italian charm. Based on feedback from customers and overall reputation, Piccolino is one of the best Italian restaurants Birmingham welcomes you with.

Thanks to the excellent Italian atmosphere and tasteful decoration, this place brings both the genuine vibe and taste of Italy. The restaurant has a broad menu, offering a mouthwatering combination of classic and modern Italian dishes, including the bests of Sicilian and Southern-Italian gastronomy.

It has an open kitchen, a cocktail bar, a year-round outside terrace with a retractable roof, and even an event space you can reserve for private parties and events. In Piccolino you can enjoy delicious Italian appetizers, pasta, risotto, seafood, and many other amazing dishes. They serve a wide variety of pizza, and oh boy, their dessert menu is also worth some close attention.

3. Del Villaggio

Now let’s continue our list of the best Italian restaurants in Birmingham with a special Italian restaurant Birmingham has to offer to those that prefer a hearty dish! Del Villaggio is famous for its incredible hand-crafted pizzas traditionally cooked in a stone bake oven. If you like pizza, this place will be heaven on Earth for you!

But that is not all! On the menu, you will also find delicious pasta dishes, risotto, salads, and a wide variety of main dishes such as beef, chicken, or fish. If you have gluten intolerance, you can choose from a special gluten-free menu, but you can also find vegan options, as well. 

If you love Italian gastronomy, Del Villaggio won’t disappoint you for sure. Here you will find the authentic tastes of Italy in a form of beautiful dishes prepared from high-quality, fresh ingredients. If you travel to Birmingham, do not hesitate to book a table and enjoy a relaxing time while enjoying a delicious meal!

4. Riva Blu

Searching for the best Italian restaurants Birmingham city centre has got to offer, Riva Blu is a place you will surely come across. So it is no surprise that when it comes to the best Italian restaurant Birmingham greeting you, Riva Blu has a well-deserved spot on our list.  Riva Blue is located on Temple Row, right in the heart of the city.

This restaurant combines the gastronomy of North and South Italy, which results in a diverse menu that is rich in flavors and aromas. They use carefully sourced high-quality seasonal ingredients and they also put emphasis on reflecting the unique character of each Italian region.

If you choose to dine here, make sure to try some of the delicious main dishes on the menu. You will find specialties such as Veal Milanese or Sea Bass Siciliana, which will bring you the real taste of Italy. And as you might surely prefer, end the meal with a refreshing limoncello, which will take you to the sunny hills of the Amalfi coast.

5. Fogo Bar & Kitchen

The next on our best Italian restaurants Birmingham list is Fogo Bar & Kitchen. When it comes to Birmingham Italian restaurants, Fogo Bar & Kitchen definitely stands out. When you step inside this place, you will be welcomed by mouthwatering homemade wood oven-baked pizza, delicious pasta dishes, and a warm, intimate environment.

A good time, good food, and relaxation is guaranteed. What makes this restaurant special is that all of the chefs that work here have traveled the world and now they combine their experience. The result? Absolutely amazing, but you need to find out yourself!

Looking at the Fogo Bar & Kitchen menu, they offer traditional Italian dishes with a modern twist. They also have a broad selection of tasty vegetarian and seafood dishes. Not to mention, their massive wine selection you can try. If you ask us, book a table for dinner and enjoy an unforgettable evening in an authentic Italian environment.

6. Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana

If you are hungry for pizza and looking for the best Italian restaurant Birmingham has to offer, do not hesitate to step into Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana. This spot is not only one of the best Italian restaurants in Birmingham but also one of the best pizza places in town, too. This restaurant is one of the best options you can make when it comes to lunch or dinner time in Birmingham.

Looking at the menu, Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana has got everything you could ask for in an Italian pizzeria, Italian desserts included. And what makes this place even better is that you can choose from a decent variety of vegetarian and vegan options as well. This way everyone at the table can enjoy a delicious pizza and spend some fun time together.

At Rudy’s Pizza, they will cook your pizza in an authentic Neapolitan wood fire oven using the highest quality, traditional Italian ingredients. Homemade black garlic pesto, spicy pepperoni, and fresh vegetables are just some of the great ingredients you will find on your pizza. Also, if you are after some bites, their burrata and salads are also very popular.

7. Tradita

When you search for the best Italian restaurants Birmingham, the very first result is Tradita. This restaurant is located in Sheldon, in the eastern part of the city. It has also received the Traveler’s Choice 2022 award, which proves perfectly how popular it is among both locals and travelers.

The concept of Tradita is based on a simple mission: cooking with a traditional heart and a modern hand. This idea is reflected in all their dishes, regardless you try some antipasti, a main course, or a dessert. This charming place offers the finest dishes at an affordable price, making it possible for many Italian food enthusiasts to enjoy high-quality Italian specialties.

What makes them truly authentic is that the chef is not only a good cook but Italian as well. What else could you wish for? Looking at the menu, at Tradita you can choose from the breakfast menu, the lunch menu, and the ala cart menu. Each includes amazing dishes that are impossible to say no to, obviously.

8. San Carlo

best Italian restaurants Birmingham

You might already know that if you are after some good Italian restaurants Birmingham city centre is a good place to go. If this is the case, visit San Carlo, a famous Italian restaurant Birmingham will welcome you with. Stepping into San Carlo feels like stepping into Italy.

Get ready for delicious, classic Italian dishes, the bests of Italian cuisine, really. However, you can find some unusual things on the menu as well. If you decide to enjoy something truly special here, try one of the specialties, Tagliolini Lobster. This comes with fresh and high-quality lobster, and other tasty ingredients that make this dish even more special, like brandy.

Furthermore, San Carlo has some delicious antipasti on the menu as well. These are tastefully prepared and are made of fresh and carefully sourced ingredients. You can try for example their amazing focaccia, but you can choose from a decent selection of bruschetta as well. The same is true for desserts, they are all worth a taste.

9. Gusto Italian

best Italian restaurants Birmingham

Now that we are getting close to the end of our best Italian restaurants Birmingham collection, let’s take a look at another famous spot in the city, Gusto Italian. This restaurant is a perfect go-to place to celebrate special occasions. The first Gusto restaurant was founded in 2005 and since then, the number of restaurants has grown to 14 across the UK.

According to Gusto’s philosophy, they are a place where people can celebrate life’s little and big moments, and make even the simplest days extraordinary and exquisite. So in case you are looking for the best Italian restaurants in Birmingham to celebrate your birthday or any other special occasion, we highly recommend you Gusto.

The a la carte menu includes some fantastic dishes such as Pan-Seared King Scallops or Honey-Glazed Duck & Balsamic. For those that prefer a hearty Italian pizza or even a burger, they can also find some delicious options on the menu. Or you can enjoy the restaurant’s steak experience for two, which is definitely a memorable and special option to mark special days.

10. Tropea

best Italian restaurants Birmingham

Last, but not least, let’s take a look at a real gem, a great Italian restaurant Birmingham will amaze you with. Tropea. Among all Birmingham Italian restaurants on our list, this one truly stands out. Not only its name but the whole concept was inspired by the magical small town, Tropea, which is located on the Calabrian coast of Italy.

The restaurant is run by the chef-duo Ben and Kasia, who after traveling the world together and working for some top-notch venues, came back to Birmingham to create their own special place. During the 2020 lockdown, they figured out the plan, then opened their restaurant, Tropea.

It is very interesting how this restaurant operates. During the day when you step into Tropea, you will see a bright, modern place serving everything from coffee, focaccia, pastries, piadina, and sandwiches. Later in the evening, the entire place transforms into a relaxing, soft-lit restaurant where you can enjoy delicious dishes that you can share. Seafood, pasta, antipasti, regional specialties of Italian cuisine, you will find here everything. And for sure, you won’t be disappointed in any of the things you try.

Wrapping up the best Italian restaurants Birmingham

We hope our list of the best Italian restaurants in Birmingham will give you some inspiration if you are in the city looking for some great places to enjoy Italian food. As you can see, both the city centre and other parts of the city have some fascinating places that are worth your time and attention. These Birmingham Italian restaurants are run with much care and passion, so you should not hesitate to visit any of the above-mentioned places when traveling to Birmingham. After all, it’s always a good idea to stop for a quick pizza break at lunchtime or enjoy some delicious pasta with prosecco after a day of exploring.

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