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10 Best Beaches on the Amalfi Coast

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The Amalfi coast is one of the most stunning places in the Italian summer holidays. Different from any other place in Italy, with very few sandy beaches, but even more cultures, cliffs, and stunning cliffside towns. You will also notice the harmonious mix of Greek, Roman, and even Arab influences, as well as the unique panorama of the sea. Italy’s touristic coasts meet every tourist’s expectations thanks to all the beaches that no matter how much you explore, you just can’t get enough of them. Below you’ll find the Amalfi coast beaches to visit!

10 Best Amalfi Coast beaches

Amalfi Coasts beaches are something beyond magnificent, made of tiny, cute beaches at the bottom of immense cliffs. They have fantastic sea views while being surrounded by mountain hills that impress every traveler that ever gets to them. Here is a selection of ten of the most beautiful Amalfi Coast beaches! If you’re staying in Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, or anywhere in between, you will be close to plenty of these beautiful beaches on the Amalfi coast!

1. Marina di Vietri beach, Vietri sul Mare

10 best beaches on the Amalfi Coast

If you are looking for rare sandy beaches to explore, Marina di Vietri in Vietri Sul Mare is the best choice by all means! Marina di Vietri is the sandy beach miracle, situated in between rocky “walls” and was created by a flood in 1954.

Similarly, it is a rarely crowded beach, not like any other beaches to the west. Vietri Sul Mare town is something like a small village, having a piazza often used for gathering activities, and summer concerts, being delineated by a full range of restaurants and cafes. In fact, it is the town that has the vibes and feels alive all summer long, of the diversity of beach concessions that fits every style.

2. Marina Grande Beach, Amalfi

amalfi coast beaches

Maria Grande beach is the most receptive beach in the beautiful town of Amalfi, being reached annually by crowds of tourists thanks to the several beach resorts and restaurants. It is an easily spotted beach, situated right in front of the town center across from Piazza Duomo. Tourists have access to everything they want, starting with brightly colored umbrellas, sunbeds, showers, drinks, and snacks. Furthermore, the whole beach has a large scale of restaurants and elegant lounges, chic and comfortable and appealing summer designs and offers.

All the visitors coming to Marina Grande arrive by boat, being surrounded by fascinating crystal water. We can say that Marina Grande beach is the ideal solution for those who want a little escape adventure, but also for those who want to bring their family to a summer retreat.

3. Furore Beach, Amalfi

If there is a perfect beach in Amalfi town, that’s Furore beach. The long walk to Furore beach from any hotel is worth it! When you arrive, you will be astonished by the crystal clear blue water, the chilly vibes, and the amazing view to have right in front of you. Furore beach is not as crowded as the other beaches, but it is an absolutely beautiful, picturesque beach perfect for those who want a refresh during a hot day.

You have access to everything, from beers and sodas to lounge chairs and little trips around it. The access type and surroundings are mostly for those who want to have a little bit of exploration adventure, having to follow stone steps to lead them up or down into the fjord. For sure, once you see the beach spot from the bridge and also the bridge from the beach spot, you will be dramatically amazed.

4. Marina Grande beach, Positano

beaches on the Amalfi Coast

Positano’s main beach, Marina Grande is the most cosmopolitan and liveliest beach on the Amalfi coast. The scenery is something unique, searched by the world’s tourists and even celebrities looking for beach social life. One of the most popular Amalfi Coast beaches, with amazing luxury accommodations offering stunning views on Positano’s stunning landscape.

Likewise, you would have plenty of activity choices here, from bathing establishments with free areas, a string of bars&restaurants and the famous “Music on the Rocks” Discoteque which made the beach become the main focus of the town’s locals. Marina Grande, this well-known beach of Positano is admired for its best position, being situated at the foot of the mountain. If you’re visiting the town, make sure to check the best restaurants in Positano, and the best hotels too!

5. Bagni Della Regina Giovanna beach, Sorrento

10 best beaches on the Amalfi Coast

Do you want to go on a beach seeking adventure? After 20 minutes of hot walking, following traces in a windy settle on cliff-hugging roads, here you are to Bagni Della Regina Giovanna beach in Sorrento. You will be able to recognize it thanks to the amazing sea views and the oasis-like structure, making it the best beach near Amalfi Coast.

Actually, this beach is formed by huge planar rocks and it’s not considered a normal one, the vegetation, and rocks make the perfect combination to hold the remains of the ancient Roman Villa of Pollione. You can get an amazing view and deep clean scented sea by being still 15 minutes away from the city center of Sorrento. It is a discovery for every new tourist that gets down the staircase to it, along with a sea swimming cove.

6. Erchie beach, Erchie

beaches on the Amalfi Coast

In addition, the mostly non-touristic settling and basic services and utilities can attract every traveler which is on the look for deep local experiences in Erchie. Still, there are two beach facilities providing umbrellas, chairs, and the possibility to order drinks and the locals are a great beach companion! This little piece of golden bay paradise, held by hills descending down to the sea is definitely a must-visit spot. Archie is well known as one of the best sandy beaches on the Amalfi Coast.

For foreign tourists, Erchie beach is very much an off-the-beaten-track one. The beach is mostly crowded with locals, and there are small chances to meet so many travelers there. For example, if you are up to discovering a place that not everyone knows about, arriving in Erchie and spending your summer days on its beach will simply amaze you, along with its ancient watchtowers.

7. Cavallo Morto beach, Maiori

10 best beaches on the Amalfi Coast

Known as one of the beaches accessible to visitors only by boat, Cavallo Morto Beach in Mariori town is tucked in below the cliffs of eastern Maiori. This small paradise is the definition of complete peace, having the sun in the afternoon until the evening and clean, blue seawater.

The tourists coming to Maiori should be prepared to see an enjoyable horseshoe-shaped beach, protected by all the winds except the west one. The rocks make it look very unique and it is often described as a jewel. The scenery view you get from the Cavallo Morto beach and the fairy landscapes make it seem like everyone who gets there takes a step back in time.

8. Fornillo beach, Positano

beaches on the Amalfi Coast

Ranked as the second-largest beach of Positano, the Fornillo beach is particularly visited for the presence of the large pebbles and rocks dispersed between the shore and water. It is easy to be reached by foot along a tracking road from a specific point “Spiaggia Grande di Positano”.

Moreover, for those who want to be nearby the center, and have access to several bathing establishments and neighboured restaurants, Fornillo beach is the best option! This coastline beach has been described as the most beautiful in the entire Mediterranean. All of this is thanks to the beautiful view of green and rocky mountains combined with the deep blue sea.

9. Tordigliano Beach, Positano

beaches on the Amalfi Coast

After all, Tordigliano Beach in Positano is considered one of the largest ones on The Amalfi Coast. All the beach is left in a natural state, uncontaminated, or developed in any way. The best access way to here is definitely by boat because the path to get there is the process of descending and getting back up. Thanks to this, the beach is uncrowded. This is what makes it the best retreat for those who want some chill away from others and watch the shooting stars at night.

This is another beauty of the Amalfi Coast beaches. Tordigliano is a hidden beach, full of green conifers, surrounded by tender waters which are still kept wild and left in their natural kind, camping here in a tent is the most loved activity for tourists.

10. Marina di Cetara beach, Cetara

beaches on the Amalfi Coast

Marina di Cetara beach scenery makes the best postcard for any tourist wanting something authentic to stay. Firstly, the colorful fishing boats behind the beach, along with the multitude of palms, the pastel-colored cottages on the hillside, and the tower of Cetara make this tiny beach a pleasant spot for the best escapes!

Thanks to the facile position, the sun shines there until late afternoon and whenever you will decide to go you will have some local families around you. The water is crystal clear blue and deep which is great for swimming. The atmosphere is calmer than in any other village on the coast, right for stunning experiences.

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To conclude, If you have never been to one of these beaches on the Amalfi Coast, now you have all the information to pick the best one and start your beach journey. This is our selection of the best Amalfi Coast in Italy beaches, adapting to all traveler’s needs, from touristic vibes to full nature immersion. Which one is your favorite?

Italian Version: Spiagge piu belle della costiera Amalfitana

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