10 Best Italian Cookies Brands

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If you have a sweet tooth like I do sometimes, but not necessarily for chocolate, then cookies are your best friend. These 10 best Italian Cookies Brands are products to keep in your cupboard for rainy days. Many of them are bio, lactose-free, sugar-free, and just great quality cookies, so you don’t even have to worry about your diet. In case you are on the lookout for Italian Christmas cookies or Italian easter cookies we also have you covered.

10 Best Italian Cookies Brands

These Italian cookies brand names have been around for centuries and were founded by passion, then passed down to generations. The founders of these brands have worked with the best ingredients to bring to life popular Italian cookies brands that everyone loves, not just in Italy but also around the world. Let’s see if you can find the best Italian cookie brand on the list.

1. Mulino Bianco

This might not come as a surprise as Mulino Bianco is a worldwide famous brand founded in Emilia-Romagna in 1974. One of the most famous Italian cookies brands that everyone has in their home, even if they are not too fond of sweets. Mulino Bianco is also famous for its Italian Christmas cookies.

The brand has a number of famous cookies that you should absolutely try out. Tarallucci is the biscuits your Italian grandma used to make, they go well with tea and milk. The Baiocchi is filled with soft cocoa and hazelnut cream, perfect for an afternoon snack. Lastly, the Abbracci which means ’hugs’ and from looking at the biscuit, it makes perfect sense, they are made up of two different flavors. Real delicacies!

2. Balocco

One of the famous Italian cookies brand names is Balocco, originating from Fossano in the year 1927. The name of the founder is Francesco Antonio Balocco and they are famous for producing biscuits as well as Panettone, Pandoro, and Wafers. Their biscuits are tasty and inexpensive, a must-have in every household.

Balocco is one of the popular Italian cookies brands due to their Ciambelle biscuits. These shortbread biscuits are the ones you would have seen in those biscuit boxes which are now replaced by a sewing kit. Another favorite is the Amaretii, which has an irresistible almond flavor. Pastefrolle, Gocciolotti and Cruschelle are also good options from Balocco.

3. Riso Scotti Snack

Riso Scotti originally started out producing rice in the 1860s. They specialized in cultivation, research, and testing. Thanks to the Duke of Milan rice cultivation has gotten famous. Riso Scotti Snacks became a famous Italian cookies brands only later on. They produce both sweet and salty snacks.

It makes sense for Riso Scotti to produce biscuits with rice and chocolate chips. These products are lactose-free and healthier than your regular biscuits. They also produce rice and cocoa lactose-free biscuits as well as cookies with dark chocolate, which is my personal favorite.

4. Nutella Biscuits

Pietro Ferrero is the guy behind the Nutella brand, created in the 1940s. We really have to thank him for creating such a delicious chocolate spread. Due to the second world war supplies being short, so Pietro thought of coming up with a cheaper alternative to chocolate. Therefore Nutella, one of the popular Italian cookies brands was born.

Although Nutella is not a cookies brands per se, they do sell biscuits. These biscuits are a shortbread filled with Nutella cream and they are crunchy, just great for anyone with a sweet tooth. Another great option from this Italian cookies brand names is the B Ready Biscuits. These literally look like mini bread and have a hazelnut spread on the inside.

5. PureGusto

PureGusto is actually a coffee brand creating high-quality coffee in various forms. They also sell teas and other accessories for your early mornings next to a cup of coffee. So why are we mentioning them as one of the Italian cookies brands? Next to these big brands, PureGusto creates biscuits to go with your coffee or tea.

The Caramelised biscuits suitable for both vegans and vegetarians will melt in your mouth while consuming a delicious cup of coffee. If you want to try more flavors, the PureGusto Gran Plus assorted biscuits come in 3 flavors, caramel, vanilla, and chocolate. You’ll have biscuits for yourself and guests for a long time. PureGusto is the best Italian cookie brand for coffee and tea biscuits.

6. Matilde Vicenzi

This famous Italian cookies names go back to 1905, creating fine Italian pastry. The name Matilde Vicenzi is known for its quality and exquisite pastries, their secrets passed down for generations. Firstly, their ladyfinger pastry became a famous dessert even used for Tiramisu. Secondly, whatever desserts you choose from Matilde Vicenzi, you will not be disappointed.

Matilde Vicenzi is also famous for its Italian Christmas cookies and Italian easter cookies. If you want the best of every world, buy the Minivoglie Assorted Pastry box with a variety of shortbreads. Their packaging is also the cutest, the cookies are always showcased on the packaging.

7. Officina Nobili BONTA

Another personal favorite Italian cookies brands are Officina Nobili BONTA. This looks like a luxury cookies brand and it is also bio! Born in Piedmont, Italians had a true passion to create quality products and this cookie brand came to life in the process. As their motto says ’Bio, Belli, Buoni, Italiani’ – aka organic, beautiful, good, Italian.

Their packaging also feels luxurious, so it is understandable that the cookies are also high quality. Some of them are Hazelnut Croccantini Biscuits, or the famous Baci di Dama, Frollini which is an almond shortbread biscuit. Whichever you choose, it will leave you no doubt that Officina Nobili BONTA is the best Italian cookie brand out there.

8. Chiostro Di Saronno

The famous Italian cookies brand names have to include Chiostro Di Saronno. The owners are the Lazzaroni Family and today the 7th and 8th generation is running the company. Their initial name was Amaretto Lazzaroni back in 1851, however, today the company has three different areas. Biscuits, panettoni and Liquerur business. The biscuit one is understandably Chisotro Di Saronno.

So now that we know a little bit of history, which cookies are worth trying? As Amaretti is the trademark of this brand, you must try out the different variations. Crunchy, soft, flavored, and mini Amaretti. Baci cookies are well known in Italy and Chiostro Di Saronno also produces them. Lastly, they have the Biscotti cookies in different flavors.

9. Sapori

The brand Sapori started with Virgilio Sapori in 1832. The Italian cookies brands in ancient times were revolutionary. If you have heard of Ricciarelli before, it was Virgilio who perfected these cookies with almond paste in a crunchy crust after making the Panforte. Although the first person to introduce Ricciarelli was Ricciardetto Gherardesca.

Sapori’s cookies are one of a kind and you must try out their Italian easter cookies too. Some of these cookies are Almond Cantuccini, Christmas biscuits, the Amaretti as well as the Ideas Golose Hazelnut cookies. There are so many different variations for you to try, you might as well go for the Classic Fantasy Flavors Assorted Biscuits Gift Box!

10. Fazzi

We have reached the last Italian cookies brands on the list, which is Fazzi. Born in 1982 in Lomellina which was famous for the best Italian rice. The idea behind Fazzi was to produce the best biscuits and earn the trust of Italian brands. The Cose Buone Italiane SRL merged with Fazzi in 2012, which is why today you see the Fazzi logo with the motto below.

As the land of Lomellina was known for rice, it is natural that Fazzi will have rice biscuits in their range. Basically, all of the cookies are rice cookies but with different flavors. Chocolate chips, corn and honey, coconut, goji berries, and many others. These cookies have a great variety and Fazzi ensure that you are eating healthy and high-quality biscuits. They are a bit difficult to find outside of Italy, however, check if you have any Italian stores around you.

Italian Cookies Brands – Conclusion

We concluded all of the Italian cookies brand names which are high-quality and famous for being just simply delicious. Whether you are looking for Italian easter cookies or Italian Christmas cookies, there is something for you on this list of popular Italian cookies brands. Don’t forget to check the best Italian chocolate brands, as well as Italian pastries!

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