10 Best Italy destination wedding locations

10 Best Wedding Locations in Italy

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If we have decided to write about Italy destination wedding locations today, it’s because we know Italy. We know that the amazing Italian scenery lends itself perfectly to the most grandiose weddings. It can be very proving to select the best destination. Whether you are throwing an Italian winter wedding or looking for a Catholic destination wedding, we’ve got you covered, so read on!

10 best wedding locations in Italy 

From a destination wedding Abruzzo to Umbria, these are the best Italy destination wedding locations that you could ever dream of. Who wouldn’t love to have a Lake Como Italy wedding? You would live your best day surrounded by the magical waters. Or maybe you would like a destination wedding Italy Vineyard, to surprise your guests with the best wines that the region has to offer.

W Whatever the case, we have hunted down the 10 best wedding locations in Italy for you. All it takes is a pinch of dream and a tad of imagination for you to picture the best day of your life. Also, for those looking to get it all from Italy, we also have some great ideas for where to find your perfect wedding dress in Italy, but also wedding photography locations, and honeymoon destinations.

1. Villa Estea in Abruzzo

10 Best Italy destination wedding locations

The Villa Estea is a destination wedding Abruzzo that plays on dreams and hope. Not only is the scenery absolutely fantastic since you can spot the Adriatic Sea from the villa, but it can also so be the perfect spot for a Catholic destination wedding.

Less than 10 km away from the villa, you can find the Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere. The Abbey dates back to the Middle Ages, and its architecture is perfect to start your newlywed life. There is a church, a large hall, and even a basilica in the buildings.

2. Palazzo Visconti di Modrone in Milan

10 Best Italy destination wedding locations

Many of us dream of a sunny, bright wedding. The thing is, with Italy destination wedding locations, it’s not all about the sun. That is is a good thing because an Italian winter wedding can be somewhat spectacular – even if you did not expect it to be. The Palazzo Visconti di Modrone is one of the most famous wedding venues in Milan Italy.

The palace is bursting with an eventful history and dates back a few centuries. If you want to get married there, one great feature of the Palazzo is that they only host one event per day. This means that every detail will carefully be curated for you from the decoration to the catering, giving you time to breathe and care for other details.

3. La Certosa di Pontignano in Siena

If you are looking for a Catholic destination wedding then the Charterhouse of Pontignano is exactly what you’re looking for. It is one of the most beautiful places for a wedding Siena Italy.

Just a few kilometers away from the city, the Certosa is a location where architecture, Chianti, landscapes, and history are all brought together. If you are a history lover and wish to be brought back in time, then this is the perfect place for you.

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4. Villa del Balbianiello in Lombardy

10 Best Italy destination wedding locations

If you wish to have a grand Lake Como Italy wedding, you’ve just come to the right place. The Villa del Balbianello is one of the top Italy destination wedding locations around Lake Como. and how could it not be? There are plenty of stunning hotels at Lake Como, that are worthy to consider for your wedding of course, not only Villa del Balbianello!

Not only is the villa available for weddings, but it has also starred in blockbusters such as Star Wars, James Bond, and even fashion photoshoots. For a Lake Como Italy wedding based on nature and unique scenery, the Villa del Balbianello is your top spot.

5. Villa Francesca in Tuscany

The Villa Francesca Italy weddings are famous for their lively, happy moments. The Villa is a 5-star hotel located close to Lucca. To avoid a high Tuscany Italy wedding cost, this charming 17th-century location is a perfect option.

The villa is perfect for smaller-sized weddings and guests can enjoy a pool, saunas, and a local gourmet restaurant. Of course, since you will be in Tuscany, this is also the perfect destination wedding in Italy vineyard – so don’t forget a couple of local bottles!

6. Villa Pignatelli in Umbria 

Villa Pignatelli is one of the top Italy destination wedding locations. It dates back from the beginning of the 20th century and was sold to the Pignatelli family in 1982. Whether you want to unite your souls traditionally or with an avant-garde reception, the villa is perfect for any type of wedding.

If it is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Umbria Italy, it is because of the fountains and small Lakes that will carry your senses away. Architecture and nature all mix into this imposing piece of art – the setting for a magical wedding.

7. Borgo Colognola in Umbria 

10 Best Italy destination wedding locations

Borgo Colognola is a perfect agritourism destination set in one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Umbria Italy. Like many of the places we are showing you in this article, the Borgo Colognola is a medieval location.

Set within a Natural Park, it is a perfect destination wedding Italy vineyard where you can see olive trees and vines for kilometers on end. There is a church, a garden, a mansion, and beautiful scenery – what more could you want for your big day?

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8. Castello di Pietrata in Umbria – Italy destination wedding locations

Amongst the most beautiful wedding venues in Umbria Italy, you can find the Castello di Pietrata. If you are into history and architecture, this 14th-century fortress is exactly what you could wish for. It is located only 5 km from Assisi, another absolutely stunning city in Italy.

You have the possibility here to lead a huge wedding. The Castle features several outdoor spaces as well as rooms that can hold up to 300 seats each. The view from the castle is stunning, and you can really hold a one-of-a-kind wedding there – even a Catholic destination wedding!

9. La Domus in Orvietto, Umbria

For a Catholic destination wedding, La Domus in Orvieto is a unique location that will make your guests a head turn. La Domus is actually a middle-aged Cathedral. It is surrounded by the history-rich Orvieto, a town that pulls you back in time when you arrive at La Domus.

There, you can decide to have a very avant-garde wedding or on the other hand a traditional wedding. Surely one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Umbria, Italy! 

10. Villa Polfranceschi in Verona, Italy

10 Best Italy destination wedding locations

The Villa Polfranceschi is one of the top Italy destination wedding locations. It is located only a few kilometers away from Verona, a city magical by day and night. If you need a wedding planner Verona Italy, the Villa Polfranceschi takes care of many aspects of the wedding for you.

The service and catering provided are excellent, and you can even rent the 16th-Century building for any other special occasion like anniversaries and business events.

Wrapping Up 10 Best Wedding Locations in Italy

There you have it, the 10 Best Italy destination wedding locations to live the best day of your life. Maybe you will set your heart on a Lake Como Italy wedding, surrounded by the magnificence of the lake. Or maybe you will choose a sea-inspired wedding theme.

In that case, Abruzzo may very well be your perfect spot. Wedding venues in Umbria Italy are also somewhat of a dream. Italy destination wedding locations have so much to offer. All that’s left to do is start planning. Once you are done with the hustle of the wedding, why not start your newlywed life around one of those hidden beaches in Italy?

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