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10 Best Italian Olive Oil Brands

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When you are preparing a delicious Italian dinner you will reach for olive oil to cook with. How do you recognize the best olive oil brands that will give you the necessary nutritional value? Olive oil is known to be healthy as it is rich in antioxidants, that will benefit your heart, brain, joints, and more. In this article, we will show you the best Italian olive oil brands, Italian extra virgin olive oil brands, and how to differentiate a good quality oil from a lower quality one. These are the 10 olive oil brands to trust if you want to make some lifestyle changes and have a healthy household overall.

10 Best Italian Olive Oil Brands

Italian olive oils are known to be the best in the world and for a good reason. The best Italian olive oil brands like Olio Carli, Bertolli, La Rocca, and so on are all real olive oil brands that have been creating the best oils for years. We will teach you how to make a difference between the good Italian olive oil brands and some of the best Italy olive oil. In this article, you can also find out why Italian extra virgin olive oil brands are the most recommended in the world. Did you know that the color of the bottle can determine how long your oil lasts? If not, then read on to find out about the best olive oil from Italy.

1. Coppini Classico

Best Italian Olive Oil Brands

The first on our list of the best Italian olive oil brands is the Coppini Classico. You have probably seen the best Italian olive oils brand in your grocery store. Coppini is not only one of the best olive oil from Italy, but it is also known internationally. What are they known for? Well, the oils have a balanced taste, so your pasta dishes are delicious on every occasion. The Italian extra virgin olive oil gives a sweet base with fruity and intense notes.

In order to buy the best olive oil brands, we need to look for the ‘extra virgin’ title as these are usually unrefined. Unrefined means they do not have added chemicals during the extraction process. The real olive oil brands will make sure that the olives are handpicked and they are verified by specialists who test and taste the aromas. These can be a fruity aroma, bitter and sharp notes. Coppini Classico is one of the best Italy olive oil that is also affordable. A bottle of 1 liter can be as little as €4.

2. Olio Carli

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Olio Carli was created out of passion and tradition by Fratelli Carli. Inspired by the Mediterranean culture and customers, they created this line of products which include, olive oils, condiments, pasta, sweets, snacks, and many other goodies. What makes Olio Carli one of the best Italian olive oil brands? The family says “Our land, enclosed between rock and water, pushes us to seek the right balance between everything and the harmony between the elements”. Olio Carli is one of the olive oil brands to trust. The family founded the brand in 1911 and since then it has been in the hands of four generations.

Their olive oils range from extra virgin and traditional olive oils. Within the Italian extra virgin olive oil range, the brand offers a wide variety of oils depending on everyone’s taste. The prices are quite affordable, a bottle can cost around €5-6/bottle. This might seem like a high price, however, in the world of good quality olive oil, it is worth paying a little extra. Fratelli Carli, the Italian extra virgin olive oil brand offers you quality products in your household, whether you try to cook pasta or any other dish. The Carli olive oils are actually the ones we’re using for a year now.

3. Bertolli


Bertolli is just another one of the famous Italian olive oil brands you can find on the shelves in your local supermarket. What is the story of Bertolli olive oil? It was founded by Francesco Bertolli in 1865 where he and his wife opened a grocery in Tuscany. Their dream was to produce high-quality olive oil in order to maintain the health of the Italian nation. Fast forward to ten years, they are one of the top olive oil Italy and their products are famous in the US as well.

What makes Bertolli one of the best olive oil brands? The oil is great for cooking at high temperatures and due to its pleasant flavor, you can also use it for frying, baking, and grilling. Bertolli extra virgin olive oil is highly valued, and customers mention that the price is reasonable compared to what you might find with other real olive oil brands. A one-liter oil will cost you around €5. This is considered a great price!

4. Lucius Olio Extravergine di Oliva

In 2021 we even have luxury olive oil brands. Well, Lucius isn’t necessarily a luxury brand, however, due to its amazing oil quality and packaging you do get that sense of high-end. With olive oils, the darker the bottle it is kept in, the better the oil is preserved. This is the reason why Lucius is one of the olive oil brands to trust and a very good Italian extra virgin olive oil.

This extra virgin olive oil is amazing due to its low acidity. It is produced from koroneiki mono-variety olives which were used in Greece for centuries during the production of extra virgin olive oil. The Lucius oil has a very delicate taste and a mildly spicy aftertaste. Did you know that when olives are cold-pressed their nutritional values are preserved better? Lucius, this great Italy olive oil does just that and not only, the bottle also comes in 5-liter packaging which is convenient.

5. Garda DOP – Veneto, Lombardy and Trentino

Halfway through our list of the best Italian olive oil brands, Garda DOP is another one of the best Italian olive oils you need to try and potentially implement in your everyday cooking. Italian extra virgin olive oil has quite distinctive traits. This oil has one of the most unique aromas among all of these real olive oil brands. What makes it so unique then? The aromas include aromatic herbs, hay, and artichoke, an almond aftertaste, and even the scents of fresh grass.

Garda DOP oil is so special that even the olives selected for the extra virgin oil are “Garda” Protected Designation of Origin. The colors of the oil can range from green to yellow. Its scent is considered to be medium fruity or light. Garda oil’s acidity is also very impressive at 0.5%. How much is the bottle then? This one is really pricy, a small bottle of 500 ml can cost €15. Is it really worth it to pay this price for one of the best olive oil brands when you can get good quality for half the price? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

6. Clemente Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Novello

Clemente extra virgin olive oil is considered a good Italian olive oil brand as it is 100% unfiltered. As we have mentioned earlier, when the oil is unfiltered, no chemicals are used. The olives are pressed and bottled right away thus ensuring an intense flavor. Clemente oil also does not contain any GMO and it is gluten-free. This olive oil is obtained by a mechanical process, meaning the oil is not treated before it is bottled up.

What is the story behind Clemente and is it one of the olive oil brands to trust? The brand’s name is Olearia Clemente and it was founded in 1895 in the Puglia region. ITPI certified these products as they are 100% made in Italy. Their passion for producing olive oil is not just for this sole purpose. When you purchase a Clemente product, you are also keeping alive the olive grower business. Their prices are fairly reasonable as well, a 750 ml bottle is around €9. Does this make Clemente at the top of the Italian extra virgin olive oil brands?

7. Rocca

Rocca is yet another famous brand and one of the best Italian olive oil brands founded in 1989. The interesting thing about Rocca is that their building is in an uncontaminated area at the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano. The company swears by quality products and excellent processing, hence the reason why Rocca is amongst the real olive oil brands. Why is this Italy olive oil so special?

They have a wide variety of olive oil in different sizes and flavors. Some of them are extra virgin, others are made of refined olives, and they even sell grape seed oil. The organicItalian extra virgin olive oil for example is made with the best quality olives. The healthy soil from which the olives grow ensures that what you consume is without any chemicals. Rocca olives are also hand-picked from the trees and pressed on the exact same day.

8. Marchesi de Frescobaldi Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you really want the best quality olive oil in your household, we recommend Marchesi de Frescobaldi Laudemio, the best Italian olive oils to trust. Why is that? The packaging alone speaks for itself. This brand is high quality and of course very expensive for how much product you are actually getting. A bottle can cost up to €30. Why would anyone pay this amount when you can get good quality olive oil at a fraction of this price?

Frescobaldi was born in Tuscany and is probably one of the oldest Italian extra virgin olive oil brands. It dates back to 1300 and was passed down to 30 generations. A fun fact about Frescobaldi is that during the middle ages, the part of the best harvest was named Laudemio. This harvest would be handpicked and placed on the lord’s tables. The oil is known to have several aromas present, such as fresh grass and dark chocolate. It is truly an amazing experience to consume such olive oil.

9. Monini Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The next of the Italian olive oil brands and best olive oil brands are Monini. This one should sound familiar as you would find it in your grocery stores or online. Monini is an affordable but high-quality, one of the best olive oil from Italy founded in 1920 and passed down to three generations. Although Monini’s price point is quite affordable, the family made sure you get the best quality and one of the best olive oil brands. The olives are carefully harvested and only when they are ripe enough.

The good thing about buying from real olive oil brands like Monini is that they are suitable for everything. Whether you are cooking a delicious Italian dish, vegetables, soup, meats, or even sprinkling some oil into your bruschetta and salads, Monini will be there to spark up your dish. It comes in very simple yet colorful packaging, the bottle is dark enough to ensure the oil lasts longer. One liter costs around €10, however, it is worth it considering you can use it for all cooking purposes. What are the best olive oil brands in your opinion so far?

10. Carapelli

If we see a nice and dark bottled olive oil, then we know the quality is excellent. Carapelli is another one of the amazing Italian extra virgin olive oil brands. They have been in the production of quality Italian extra virgin olive oil for over 125 years. Their passion is to extract the highest quality olives provided by nature itself. Their website alone gives you the best user experience you could ask for. It looks just like a story you wish to read and at the same time learn about the best Italian olive oil.

What makes Carapelli distinct and one of the olive oil brands to trust? As they have been producing olive oil since 1893, they truly know what they are doing. Carapelli brand pays attention to how the olive grows when to harvest them when they are at the peak of ripeness. The brand’s olive oils are rich in natural and fruity flavors. The combination of vegetable notes, fresh almonds, and a hint of apple offers a bit of a bitter and spicy flavor. Overall Carapelli delivers high quality and is one of the best olive oil from Italy.

Best Italian olive oil brands – Conclusion

To conclude our list of Italian olive oil brands, we have learned a lot of things today. From when to harvest the olives to how dark the bottle should be to preserve the quality of the oil. All these Italian extra virgin olive oil brands have been around for many years, some for a century, yet they serve the same purpose. To offer an item in your household to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle while creating delicious dishes. The best Italian olive oils should not be missing from your kitchen.

If you have enjoyed reading about the top Italian olive oil brands, best olive oil brands, olive oil brands to trust, real olive oil brands, and best olive oil Italy, then make sure to leave a comment on which is your favorite. Make sure to read our latest articles on best pasta brands, best dishes and pastries, and famous Italia cheese types. Don’t forget that olive oils are some of the best gifts to bring home from Italy!

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