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10 Best Hotels in Bari Italy

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Bari is a lovely little town in Italy that has the best beaches nearby. It’s one of the port cities of Italy which should be visited at least once. It has a traditional harbor with beautiful views. A perfect place for a summer vacation, especially if you want to explore other gems like Alberobello or Polignano al Mare. We have gathered a list of the best hotels in Bari Italy that you could try out during your stay. Some of these cheap hotels in Bari Italy are also next to the airport, making it perfect for a short trip.

10 Best Hotels in Bari Italy

Going to the seaside is always a good idea. Bari has its charm, it’s small, the harbor is packed with boats and from here you can travel to Naples or just go around the coast. The luxury hotels in Bari Italy are also worth visiting if you’re looking for a nice spa experience. Let’s see the 10 best hotels in Bari Italy!

1. iH Grande Albergo Delle Nazioni

hotels in bari italy 

Let’s start our list with one of the luxury hotels in Bari Italy. The iH Grande Albergo Delle Nazioni is situated on the seafront. It is a beautiful hotel with an outdoor pool, gourmet restaurants, and terraces facing the sea. The rooms are quite spacious with modern but simple decor.

The hotel’s best feature is definitely the large terrace facing the sea. The views are just spectacular. If you wish to have a delicious breakfast, it is served each morning. There’s also a restaurant on the top floor, Ristorante La Terrazza which serves international and Mediterranean cuisine.

iH Grande Albergo Delle Nazioni address: Lungomare Nazario Sauro, 7, 70121

2. Mercure Villa Romanazzi Carducci Bari

Here we have another one of the hotels in Bari Italy which are worth visiting. Mercure Villa Romanazzi Carducci Bari is a gorgeous hotel inside and out. It has an outdoor pool with a massive garden. Moreover, their rooms are beautifully designed, with modern furnishing and pops of color.

Don’t forget to check out their restaurant, the Carducci restaurant serves Italian and international cuisine. There’s also an option to have breakfast in the morning, whether it’s sweet or savory. Mercure Villa Romanazzi Carducci Bari also features a spa, sauna, Turkish baths, and a hot tub, as well as a gym.

Mercure Villa Romanazzi Carducci Bari address: Via Giuseppe Capruzzi, 326, 70124

3. Hi Hotel Bari

If you’re looking for a well-rated hotel, Hi Hotel Bari is a perfect option. It is situated in the residential area of Poggiofranco. The hotel features an outdoor pool, a gym, and their rooms are quite elegantly furnished. The rating of this hotel is 8.7 on!

While you’re at the hotel, continental breakfast is served on a daily basis. There’s also a restaurant on site called Basilico Italian Bistrot. The nearest attraction to the hotel is the Giardino di Piazzale Mater Ecclesiae which is a gorgeous park. The seaside is not too far away, but you might have to take a bus for that.

Hi Hotel Bari address: Via Don Luigi Guanella, 15, 70124

4. The Nicolaus Hotel Bari

If you’re looking for another one of the luxury hotels in Bari Italy, then you must check out The Nicolaus Hotel Bari. The rooms are very elegant, with modern furnishing and they just overall feel luxurious. Inside the hotel, you’ll find an indoor pool, gym, sauna, Turkish baths, and even a hot tub. These are not the only features the hotel has.

There are 2 restaurants on-site. On one hand, there’s The Roof, which is situated on the 14th floor. It has a roof garden and they serve food for more private functions. The Seasons restaurant on the other hand has Italian and Puglia specialties. The Nicolaus Hotel Bari has an 8.8 rating.

The Nicolaus Hotel Bari address: Via Cardinale Agostino Ciasca, 27, 70124

5. Oriente Hotel Bari

Oriente Hotel Bari is one of the luxury hotels in Bari Italy that are situated in the city center. It is next to the Petruzzelli Theatre. Once again the rooms are modern, elegant, and beautifully furnished. You’ll surely appreciate the simplicity of the hotel.

There’s no restaurant in the hotel, however, a rooftop terrace is available for drinks. You’ll see a beautiful panoramic view of Bari while enjoying some delicious drinks. As you’re in the city center, there are plenty of things to do. Oriente Hotel Bari is close to restaurants such as the Tiella or Mezcla, so go discover as much as possible!

Oriente Hotel Bari address: Corso Cavour, 32, 70122

6. Hotel Imago Plus

hotels in bari italy 

Next to the luxury hotels we also need some cheap hotels in Bari Italy. Cheap does mean they are low quality. Hotel Imago Plus has an 8.6 rating and it is in the heart of Bari. The rooms are very elegant but quite simple. The furnishing isn’t too luxurious. I really love the shared lounge with all of the books.

Although there’s no restaurant at Hotel Imago, you can have some coffee, fruits, and snacks as well as access to a bar. Restaurants are around every corner. You’ll find some good ones with Italian cuisine or lovely pizzerias. As you’re in the center, you’re not only close to the attractions but also to the beach.

Hotel Imago Plus address: Via Altamura, 26, 70122

7. Parco dei Principi Hotel Congress & Spa

hotels in bari italy

Parco dei Principi Hotel Congress & Spa is one of the cheap hotels in Bari Italy near the airport. This is a perfect hotel if you’re just passing through Bari and waiting for your next flight. While you’re at the hotel, you can use the spa and wellness center. They feature an indoor pool with hydromassage, a gym, a sauna, and Turkish baths.

The rooms are very spacious and the bathrooms are beautifully designed. This hotel, as the name suggests, is perfect for keeping conferences. In the morning you’ll get a buffet-style breakfast and there are two more restaurants within the hotel. We really love this one!

Parco dei Principi Hotel Congress & Spa address: Via Vito Vasile extension, Viale Europa, 6, 70132

8. Barion Hotel & Congressi

The next hotel is one we’re sure you’ll love. Barion Hotel & Congressi is a 4-star hotel that is about 9 miles away from Bari. It overlooks the sea and has beautiful rooms overall. It is very easy to reach Bari either by railway or car.

The hotel also has 2 restaurants where you can enjoy delicious meals. Breakfast is also served each morning at the hotel. Some of the facilities include a spa and wellness center, featuring a sauna, massages, and even beauty services. The beach is within walking distance from the property. Let’s see the rest of the best hotels in Bari Italy.

Barion Hotel & Congressi address: S.S. 16 km 815 Direzione Brindisi, 70126

9. Hotel Residence Federiciano

hotels in bari italy

Hotel Residence Federiciano is one of the amazing hotels in Bari Italy. It is a 4-star hotel with a 9 rating on We’re sure you will love the rooms as they are simply designed but feel elegant. Breakfast is available on a daily basis at the restaurant.

Moreover, the hotel also has a restaurant serving regional cuisine and also tasty Italian wines. The lounge is a perfect place to enjoy some drinks at. Although there is no spa or pool available, you can book massages at the property. Let’s see now which is the last on our list of the best hotels in Bari Italy.

Hotel Residence Federiciano address: Via Giovanni Laterza, 28, 70010

10. Masseria Sant’Anna

hotels in bari italy

The last one of the hotels in Bari Italy on our list is the Masseria Sant’Anna Hotel. This property is actually in an 18th-century farmhouse. It is nearby the beach and the Adriatic Sea, so it’s quite the perfect place. The rooms look cozy and the bathrooms are really beautiful.

You’ll especially love the common areas. There’s no restaurant on-site, but they do offer room service. Have no fear, there are some places to dine nearby. For example, you have Al Paradise and L’Ancora or the Core Pizzeria.

Masseria Sant’Anna address: Via Vittorio Veneto, 31-33, 70128

10 Best hotels in Bari Italy – Conclusion

This concludes our list of hotels in Bari Italy. Whether you’re planning a short trip or you wish to visit the beautiful beaches close to Bari, it is without a doubt a great place. Try out some of the best pasta dishes in Bari restaurants, focusing of course on the regional food from Puglia, or just roam around the city. Oh, and if you’re in the Puglia region, make sure to check out some beaches in Puglia!

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