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15 Best Hotels in Palermo Italy

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Palermo is a beautiful city to visit if you’re looking for history, culture, architecture, and gastronomy in the same place. It’s one of the bucket list cities to visit in Italy. While you’re enjoying this Sicilian city, it’s important to also find the best hotels in Palermo Italy. Thankfully, you stumbled upon this article.

Although Palermo is stunning due to the Tyrrhenian Sea, there’s more to it. Sicilian cuisine is delicious and whether you’re staying at a hotel with a restaurant or not, you must try out their authentic dishes. It is an ancient city, over 2700 years, which makes Palermo one of the top cities to visit.

15 Best Hotels in Palermo Italy

With our list of hotels near Palermo Italy as well as hotels within the city, you can easily plan a trip there. The options to visit both the seaside and the cultural side of Palermo are endless. Some of these hotels include 5-star ones but also more affordable accommodations. We hope you’ll find your dream accommodation in these 15 hotels in Palermo Italy!

1. Hotel Politeama

If you wish to be in the town center, then Hotel Politeama is perfect for you. It is one of the hotels in Palermo Italy situated in a beautiful street in the city’s historical and commercial center. The building is from 1977 and it has 9 stories that overlook the Ruggero Settimo Square.

The rooms are very modern, stylish and you’ll have everything you need there. Continental buffet breakfast is served each morning and can also dine within the hotel’s restaurant. What is beautiful about the rooms is that they overlook the bronze chariots of the nearby Theater. It has an 8.9-star rating on

Hotel Politeama address: Piazza Ruggiero Settimo, 15, 90139

2. Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa

The Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa is a beautiful hotel with an ancient cloister and modern rooms. It is only a 15-minute walk from the harbor and the hotel itself lies in central Palermo. The rooms are all air-conditioned, they feel and look luxurious and as you walk into the building you’ll notice the gorgeous details throughout.

Enjoy some breakfast in the hotel in your room or dine at the restaurant. Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa is one of the best hotels in Palermo Italy as it is also used for concerts and other events. The nearest attractions are Quattro Canti and Giardino dei Giusti. The hotel’s rated at 8.3.

Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa address: Via Dei Cartari, 18, 90133

3. Quintocanto Hotel & Spa

hotels in palermo italy

Quintocanto Hotel & Spa is another hotel in the historic center of Palermo. It is situated right at the Quattro Canti crossroads. It is one of the best hotels in Palermo Italy in our opinion due to its spacious and modern rooms. The building itself is from the 16th century and it has been restored.

The rooms are all modern and some of them have a patio or a balcony. There are also rooms that have a terrace overlooking the Church of San Giuseppe dei Teatrini. As the name suggests the hotel includes a beautiful spa inside where you can enjoy the saunas, whirlpools, and Turkish baths as well as beauty treatments.

If you’re looking for meal options, La Locanda del Gusto is Quintocanto’s own restaurant serving top-quality cuisine. The dishes are Mediterranean and Sicilian all made with fresh ingredients. You will have the best time at this stunning hotel!

Quintocanto Hotel & Spa address: Via Vittorio Emanuele, 310, 90134

4. Eurostars Centrale Palace Hotel

If you ever wanted to sleep in a palace, the Eurostars Centrale Palace Hotel is the one for you. Once called Palazzo Tarallo, the building is from the 18th century now turned into a hotel. It is also in the heart of Palermo, only 50 yards from the Via Maqueda shopping street. The rooms are luxurious, they really look like you’re inside a royal palace with a modern twist.

Enjoy some breakfast with some Sicilian specialties and homemade pastries. The Restaurant 1892 with panoramic views serves Italian and international cuisine. Eurostars Centrale Palace also has a fitness center, and meeting and conference facilities. Nearby you’ll find the Palermo Cathedral.

Eurostars Centrale Palace Hotel address: Via Vittorio Emanuele, 327, 90134

5. Mercure Palermo Centro

Do you want to enjoy a luxurious hotel while staying in Palermo? Well, the Hotel Mercure Palermo Italia will grant you those wishes. Once again situated in the center, it’s also just 15 minutes away from Palermo Cathedral. The rooms are modern, both the decoration and the furniture.

You will especially enjoy the breakfast at Hotel Mercure Palermo Italia, which is a sweet and savory continental breakfast. Homemade cakes are available! Inside the hotel, you’ll also find a restaurant if you wish to dine there. Palermo Harbour is only 10 minutes away and since you’re in the center, enjoy walking around the city!

Mercure Palermo Centro address: Via Mariano Stabile, 112, 90139

6. Hotel Bel 3

hotels in palermo italy

Hotel Bel3 Palermo Italy is the perfect accommodation if you’re looking for beautiful views, 2 pools and a hot tub all in one place. The hotel offers panoramic views across Palermo and the Mediterranean Sea. Their rooms are quite large and modern looking. Some of them even have a balcony.

If you wish to have a delicious breakfast, Hotel Bel3 Palermo Italy serves a buffet breakfast. Furthermore, the restaurant also has some local specialties and pizza. The hotel is only 15 minutes drive from the city center so you’ll be surrounded by greenery and nature during your stay.

Hotel Bel3 address: Via Ruffo di Calabria, 20, 90137

7. La Terrazza sul Centro

The next of the hotels in Palermo Italy is the La Terrazza sul Centro. As the name suggests, it is a hotel with a huge terrace and shared kitchen. The rooms are absolutely gorgeous, the bathrooms feel luxurious and the views are even better.

Although it has a shared kitchen, the property serves a sweet Italian breakfast with coffee and cakes. What do you have nearby then? Well, the Quattro Canti is just a few minutes away. Moreover, the beach is also within walking distance.

La Terrazza sul Centro address: Via dell’Universita, 20, 90134

8. Canceddi B&B

In case you were wondering where to stay in Palermo Italy on a budget, the Canceddi B&B is a great choice. It is beautifully decorated, with modern furniture and the bathrooms will mesmerize you. It is closest to the Palermo Cathedral, the Fontana Pretoria, and Teatro Massimo. The rooms all come with a private bathroom.

Canceddi B&B offers an Italian breakfast buffet breakfast. There are plenty of restaurants in the area, such as Casanova, Ristorantino Da Spano, or Bar del Duomo for cafe options. This B&B has a perfect location, you’ll be near the important attractions while enjoying the luxurious rooms.

Canceddi B&B address: Via Gioiamia, 20, 90134

9. Palazzo Natoli Boutique Hotel

These hotels in Palermo Italy have all been beautiful, with exquisite decoration, furniture, and style. The Palazzo Natoli Boutique Hotel is no different. It is situated just a few minutes away from the Fontana Pretoria and the cathedral. The interior design is stunning, understandably it was rated 9.6 on

The property serves a continental and buffet breakfast each morning. It is also nearby the Quattro Canti. The beach is not too far away for anyone who wishes to get a nice tan. Palazzo Natoli Boutique Hotel does not have its own restaurant, but you’ll find pizzerias and places to eat on every corner.

Palazzo Natoli Boutique Hotel address : Via Santissimo Salvatore, 6, 90134

10. Unico Boutique Hotel D’Arte

hotels in palermo italy

Although Palermo is a beautiful city to visit, there are also many hotels near Palermo Italy that are worth staying at. The Unico Boutique Hotel D’Arte is one of them. With spectacular views of the sea and modern design in the rooms, there’s no question you’ll enjoy your stay here. There’s an infinity pool in the garden with a small hydromassage.

Guests can also enjoy the outdoor terrace area. Unico Boutique Hotel D’Arte also offers continental breakfast, as well as breakfast in your room. There’s no restaurant on-site, however, Mondello has many great options nearby for authentic Italian dishes. The Mondello beach is only 400 yards away!

Unico Boutique Hotel D’Arte address: Via Piano di Gallo 36, 90151, Mondello

11. Opera Boutique Rooms

hotels in palermo italy

Opera Boutique Rooms is another one of the hotels near Palermo Italy that are a great and affordable option. They received a 9.4 review on! The Duomo di Monreale as far as attractions go. Palermo is only a short drive away from the hotel too. The property has very simple furnishing and decoration. There’s a fridge, and coffee machine with wardrobes included.

In the morning Opera Boutique Rooms will serve Italian breakfast. There isn’t a restaurant on-site so you’ll have to explore the Monreale restaurants in the area. Surprisingly this property also has a sauna and terrace which guests can enjoy during their stay.

Opera Boutique Rooms address: Via Giuseppe Verdi 4, 90046, Monreale

12. Grand Hotel Et Des Palmes

Why should you visit Grand Hotel Et Des Palmes? Well, it is a beautiful 5-star hotel in an elegant Art Nouveau building. The Politeama Theatre and Palermo’s Massimo is merely a 5-minute walk. The rooms are stylish and luxurious, to be quite honest, everything is in this hotel.

Have a delicious breakfast in the hall of Grand Hotel Et Des Palmes which will include some Sicilian specialties. There’s also a restaurant within the hotel serving European and Mediterranean cuisine. If you’re still wondering where to stay in Palermo Italy, this hotel would be a perfect choice.

Grand Hotel Et des Palmes address: Via Roma, 398, 90139

13. Rocco Forte Villa Igiea

This 5-star hotel is beautiful both from the inside and from the outside. The views of the Bay of Palermo are mesmerizing and you can see all of that from Rocco Forte Villa Igiea. The building features a swimming pool, tennis court, and beautiful rooms.

What’s so special about this hotel is that all of the rooms are different. You will not find two equally designed and furnished rooms. There’s also a gym, solarium, and massage rooms in the hotel. Rocco Forte Villa Igiea has its own restaurant where it serves Sicilian dishes. Let’s see the last of the hotels in Palermo Italy.

Rocco Forte Villa Igiea address: Via Belmonte, 43, 90142

14. Alma Hotel

hotels in palermo italy

It is so easy to decide where to stay in Palermo Italy when you have all of these beautiful hotels. The Alma Hotel for example is not too far away from the harbor. It is a small, modern and simple hotel with 9.5 reviews on The rooms all include a private bathroom and free toiletries.

At Alma hotel, they serve a sweet and savory buffet breakfast, which is a typical Italian breakfast. They also have some homemade cakes, cold meats, and cheese. There’s no on-site restaurant. Alma hotel is within walking distance from the Cathedral, so it’s a perfect choice if you wish to be more city-centered.

Alma Hotel address: Via Mariano Stabile, 136, 90130

15. Hotel Principe di Lampedusa

We’re now at the last of the hotels in Palermo Italy on our list. Hotel Principe di Lampedusa is also very centered, a few minutes away from Fontana Pretoria. Their rooms are very spacious and elegantly designed. You’ll share a lounge with other guests.

Continental breakfast is available each morning at the hotel. For further dining options, you’ll have to discover one of the restaurants in Palermo. The Cathedral is nearby, as well as the Vucciria Market and Via Maqueda. According to guests, this is a well-loved area in Palermo as well!

Hotel Principe di Lampedusa address: Piazza Cassa di Risparmio, 17, 90133

Wrapping up the best hotels in Palermo Italy

That concludes our list of well-searched hotels. Palermo is a destination you should absolutely visit and enjoy. The seaside city, architecture, and local cuisine are all great reasons to check it out. Let us know if you have visited any of these hotels before!

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