Best Italian laptop bag brands

10 Best Italian Laptop Bag Brands

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Italy is not known only for the beautiful places that people discover through travels, the typical cuisine, and incredible history. It had also become well known as the country of excellence when it comes to leather products. As such, when it comes to a perfect briefcase, you might want to consider a high-quality Made in Italy piece, right? Well, we’ve got you covered here, since below you’re going to find some of the best Italian laptop bag brands, and usually speaking Italian leather briefcase makers.

Which are the 10 best Italian laptop bag brands?

As in every occupation that one has, there is a need for accessories that make the organization, transportation and keeping an easy task, we had decided to introduce our readers to the best Italian laptop bag brands. Furthermore, those Italian leather briefcase maker brands offer high-quality products made with high-end materials and with innovative Italian craftmanship.

Italy is known for its amazing leather products, and beyond briefcases, you can find many Italian handbag brands that make high-quality leather goods. So, we have selected the 10 best Italian laptop bag brands which we found to be some of the most well-known briefcase makers in the country. They offer fine Italian leather briefcases, soft leather laptop bag, mens Italian leather bags, and even a 13-inch laptop tote. Find out which one suits you!

1. Nordace Siena

We start our selection with Nordace Siena. Nordace Siena is an Italian brand that is well known as among the best Italian Laptop bag brands. They offer extremely high-quality designs, as well as comfortable to wear. Their laptop bags are versatile have the best smart feature that would keep the owner organized, no matter how many objects it possesses.

Moreover, they have a 15 laptop compartment, plenty of organizational pockets with quick access. They are slim, have a good mobility handle, anti-theft back pocket, SD card slots, and water-resistant materials. Their price range is from 50$ to 170$ and you can find more specifications and place orders on Nordace Siena official website, as well as on others retailers’ websites.

2. Cuoieria Fiorentina – One of the best Italian laptop brands based in Florence

If you are looking for the best quality laptop bags, Cuoiera Florentina is among the fine Italian leather briefcases producers. Cuoieria Florentina is based in Florence, where they also take the inspiration for each of their products, making quality proved models such as Italian leather laptop sleeve, soft leather laptop bags, and mens Italian leather bags.

Their designs are classic, versatile, and strong. They have a single compartment interior to hold documents or notebooks as well, a rear zipped pocket for functionality. The price range for the Cuoiera Florentina laptop bags is between 200$ and 450$. and can be purchased either in their Florence shop or online on their website.

3. Attavanti

At Attavanti, It’s all about creating the perfect accessory for the customer. Attavanti is an Italian online business, producing fine Italian leather designer handbags, Italian leather laptop sleeve, and fine Italian leather briefcases. Moreover, They are one of the biggest promoters of the Made in Italy tag for all the international purchases they had.

Their Italian laptop bags are the perfect business partner, as they have comfortable handles and cotton shoulder straps. They also have handy pockets and a top zipper that opens a large interior compartment which makes it a 13-inch laptop tote. Their price range is between 200$ and 600$ and can be purchased online, on their website, or from other re-sellers.

4. Tucano

Another Italian company that makes one of the best Italian laptop bag brands is Tucano. Tucano is a producer of bags, backpacks, and cases for those who live the digital life. That is why, quality is their strength, and is exposed in all their products. Their fine Italian laptop bags are elegant and protected against bumps or falls. They have an anti-slip system for locking the PC.

You can find all their products on their website, at prices depending on what you prefer. Also, You can choose among a laptop bag, a laptop case, rigid shells, covers, at prices between 20$ and 100$.

5. Tuscany Leather Firenze

Thanks to Tuscan craftmanship excellence and unique modern products, Tuscany leather Firenze is now one of the best Italian laptop bag brands. They are starring fine Italian leather briefcases, and especially men’s Italian leather bags wearing the Made in Italy tag around the world. Their fine Italian leather briefcases and soft leather laptop bags have high-quality standards.

They have 2-3 compartments, detachable and adjustable leather straps, and semi-rigid structures with outside or inside zip pockets. Their price range is between 100$ and 400$ and can be found either online, on their presentation website, in Florence, or at re-sellers.

6. Buccio

Among the best Italian laptop bag brands in Tuscany, Buccio gives premium full-grain vegetable-tanned Italian fine leather bags, laptop bags, for all today’s professionals. The fine Italian leather briefcases are perfect for many categories of individuals, from business and professional to personal.

Their product’s roomy storage and leather shoulder strap, as well as the lockable flap, accessory pockets make Buccio one of the best producers of laptop bags. They are all handmade in Italy and their price range is between 130$ to 500$, depending on the features. They can be purchased online, from more than 5 re-sellers, one being

7. Floto

Since 2003, Floto has been producing leather Italian leather handbags. They had also made fine Italian leather briefcases in the heart of Tuscany, in the Floto factory. The secret is that Floto is an American brand, but every Floto leather laptop bag is wearing the made in Italy tag and the greatest quality.

They mostly have two compartments and a padded laptop sleeve pocket, smartphone pockets, pen holder, inside zip pocket, outside zip pocket, rolling luggage straps, and detachable shoulder strap. Also, Their price range is between 200$ to 600$ and can be bought online, on their website.

8. Pelletteria Charlotte

Another brand that earned its place among the best Italian laptop bag brands is Pelletteria Charlotte. Pelletteria Charlotte is a company that produces 100% Made in Italy handbags, laptop bags, and small leather goods. Their products are exclusive, versatile, and universal that are made by artisans from the Le Marche region.

You can find different briefcases for different styles. Pelletteria Charlotte has some modern, stylish designs that are great if you’re looking for something more interesting than simple brown Italian leather briefcases. You can find their products directly on their website, or visit their stores around Brescia, Trento, and Verona.

9. Valextra

Since 1937, Valextra exposes the iconic Italian craftsmanship that you can only find in Milan. The company is specialized in aesthetic finesse through essential and versatile items. Their soft leather laptop bag and Italian leather laptop sleeve are timeless and have one of the biggest Italian qualities.

They have around 1 internal patch pocket, top flap closure, adjustable leather shoulder strap, lining, and lock closure. The price range is starting from 500$ to 2500$, depending on the model. All their products can be found online on their website, as well as at other re-sellers and in shops.

10. Mancini – Definetely one of the best Italian laptop brands

We end our selection with Mancini, one of the Italian laptop bag brands that becomes premium, especially in the Canadian market. They are selling high-quality leather products, from handbags to tote bags, laptop bags, and accessories. Moreover, their products are Strong, durable pieces, with styles that reflect our times at affordable prices. The laptop bags have separate tablet and laptop padded sleeves, compartments for folders, organizers, pockets on the rear.

Moreover, they have adjustable shoulder straps and another strap to attach another bag, and the latest RFID wave blocking technology. The prices for their laptop bags are between 200$ and 400$ and they can be found either on their website, at re-sellers, or at their Mancini Boutique in Rome.

Wrapping up the 10 best Italian laptop bag brands – Fine Italian leather briefcases

As you may have observed, purchasing an Italian laptop bag would be one of the best choices. After all, if you purchase a “Made in Italy” product, you’ll possibly never look for anything less. You have been presented with 10 different Italian laptop bag brands. Also, you had learned about the quality they offer, the prices that they have, and where you could purchase them as well.

What’s left to do is only to decide which of their characteristics would make you do the final choice! Furthermore, Enjoy shopping the fine Italian leather briefcases and the best mens Italian leather bags!

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