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10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Italy

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Italy is one of the best-known countries, holding a long line of history, ancient ruins and museums, and spectacular architecture. Also, the natural beauty of mountains, beaches, and natural landscapes is what attracts everyone to want to explore every part of what it offers. But, have you ever wondered about the best waterfalls in Italy?

Indeed, It is time to present something more that makes Italy be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You will see along with the article, the diverse possessions that it has. Also, Italy is fully packed with a large number of waterfalls. Let’s discover it.

Discover the most beautiful and best waterfalls in Italy

We will talk about Italy’s wonderful waterfalls. The best waterfalls in Italy are something incredible. Tourists around the world travel every year to be able to see the true wonders of nature.

In this article, you will be able to discover some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Italy. They are all spread around the whole country. Moreover, you will be presented with 10 waterfalls found in Italy, along with their impressive jumps. From Cascate delle Marmore waterfall in Italy, one of the best waterfalls in Umbria Italy, to Italy hot springs waterfall destinations, and amazing waterfalls Tuscany Italy.

1. Cascate del Verde, Abruzzo

waterfalls in italy

The 1st waterfall that you should see in Italy is called Cascate del Verde. This beautiful oasis is found in the Regional Natural Reserve. For example, the best way you can get to it from Abruzzo, by entering Borello.

You will find this natural waterfall at 800 meters altitude, with a drop-down at 200 meters. Moreover, It’s possible to book a guided tour to be able to see all the beautiful nature around it by booking it online or calling beforehand.

2. Cascata del Toce, Piemonte

waterfalls in italy
Cascata del Toce, Piemonte, Photo from guidotorino.com

There’s so much more outside of Turin to explore in the beautiful region of Piemont. Our next most beautiful waterfall in Italy is Cascata del Toce Piemonte. It is considered one of Italy’s most spectacular waterfalls that brought inspiration to great artists like Wagner.

For instance, the first thing that you will remark on by getting closer is the beautiful hotel built in 1863. The Cascata del Toce Piemonte is situated at the top of the Toce waterfall, 1700 meters above the sea. Moreover, you can book a stay at the hotel. Be ready to be amazed by the scenery from up, as it was renovated some years ago.

3. Cascate del Serio, Lombardia

waterfalls in italy

Our third of Italy’s most beautiful waterfalls comes with a legend. The legend says that it was created while the tears of a beautiful girl. Her tears were pouring because she was kept away from her loved one by a jealous noblewoman. It can be found in Lombardia and is considered one of the highest waterfalls found in Italy.

In fact, they are formed by the course of Serio River when crossed with Val Seriana. When you visit, be careful to choose tourist opening days. If not, you won’t be able to see the falls from the best spot.

4. Cascate di Lequarci, Sardegna

waterfalls in italy

If you are a lover of breathtaking views, the Lequarci Waterfall in Sardegna is the right place to arrive. This beautiful waterfall is located near Santa Barbara in Ulassai. Lequarci waterfall makes an amazing representation of water when rain makes its appearance.

Moreover, Its waters burst out at great power and it’s spread around creating small lakes all around. It is definitely one of the best waterfalls in Italy. One amazing thing is that It can be seen even from a far distance thanks to its wideness.

5. Cascate del Mulino e del Gorello, Terme di Saturnia, Toscana – Waterfalls Tuscany Italy – Italy hot springs waterfall

waterfalls in italy

Tuscany Italy hot springs waterfall Cascate del Mulino e del Gorello is found in Manciano, the province of Grossector. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Italy. Moreover, It’s a total natural place that has thermal sulfurous water, generated by the thermal steam of Gorello.

Definitely, this Italy hot springs waterfall is the best spot for a retreat, so do check Cascate del Mulino and well, Terme di Saturnia. Also, thanks to the beneficial effect on health, this Italy hot springs waterfall is visited all year round. It was spotted by tourists from all around the world. Moreover, it’s considered the best Tuscany hot spring waterfall in Italy.

6. Grande Cascata di Villa Gregoriana, Lazio – One of the most amazing waterfalls in Italy

waterfalls in italy

The amazing Grande Cascata di Villa Gregoriana Lazio offers some of the most spectacular panoramic views. Situated near Lazio, in Trivoli you will find one of the best waterfalls in Italy. Arriving at Villa Gregoriana park in Trivoli Italy you will find the biggest waterfall found in Italy. It is right after the Cascata delle Marmore in Umbria.

Also, you will be able to experience the woodlands and paths that lead to caves, and the amazing greenery. Also, just entering the park will lead to the Grande Cascata di Villa Gregoriana. Villa Gregoriana Park is part of a Unesco World Heritage Site.

7. Cascata delle Marmore, Umbria – One of the best waterfalls in Umbria Italy

waterfalls in italy

Our next one of best waterfalls in Umbria Italy is Cascata delle Marmore waterfall in Italy. What is different about this waterfall is that it is used in order to produce electricity. It is formed by the river Velino in Valeria. This waterfall had become a very popular spot for all tourists coming to Italy.

All for the history that it preserves. Furthermore, The Cascate delle Marmore waterfall in Italy is one of the tallest waterfalls made by man’s hand. It was built by Romans, centuries ago. Moreover, Cascate delle Marmore waterfall in Italy would be the best holiday in nature spot for families.

8. Cascate del Stroppia Piemonte

waterfalls in italy
Cascate del Stroppia Piemonte, Photo from lastampa.it

A waterfall that is often being called one of the most majestic ever seen is Cascate del Stroppia Piemonte. Then, After a short drive from Cuneo Italy, you’ll arrive at the Maira Valley in Italy, and after 30 minutes hike from the parking spot, you’re right there.

There are many points where you could stop by and admire nature before reaching the Cascate del Stroppia. But, arriving to Cascate del Stroppia Piemnto will definitely convince you much more, than if you’re just reading about it!

9. Cascata Del Rio Verde

waterfalls in italy

Located near Borello, the Cascata Del Rio Verde is among the tallest and best waterfalls in Italy. Cascata del Rio Verde is over 600 feet tall. It is easy to travel to it, even if is considered one of the hidden gems of Abruzzo.

It’s most impressive to see it during spring when the amount of water grows. Moreover, you can do a hike around the waterfalls and see them from different angles of the beautiful National Park of Abruzzo.

10. Cascate del Catafurco

waterfalls in italy

Our last waterfall of the 10 best waterfalls in Italy is Cascate del Catafurco. It’s situated on Sicily‘s coast, west of Palermo. Everyone that arrives there is amazed by the area’s vibe of serenity. Arriving at the waterfall is quite easily accessible after a 3 kilometers walk through the Parco de Nebrodi.

For those explorers who want to wander around, Cascate del Catafurco is a great destination. Moreover, Tourists can enjoy a good swim, a calm day in nature, or visit the small villages around it.

Wrapping up the best waterfalls in Italy – Discover Italy’s well kept beauty

You are probably wondering which one should be the first on your next year’s travel list, right? It’s quite surprising how only by deciding to book a trip to wander around Italy, you can face this amazing nature projection. You are also lucky thanks to the fact that waterfalls can be found everywhere around Italy. As a start, wander from the beautiful and tallest waterfall in Italy, the Marmore Falls.

We hope that our 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Italy list helped you in planning next year’s escape. In other words, exploring the waterfalls in Italy will give you a breathtaking discovery. Enjoy the hikes, the nature representations, and landscapes in Italy. Moreover, Don’t forget to wander around the stunning destinations around them. Also, you are all packed with knowledge. Enjoy!

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