Let’s face it, without perfect accommodation our trips can go to the bin basically. We intended to cover the best accommodations from all around Italy, so no matter where you’re traveling, you shall find a great place!

What types of accommodations can you find in Italy?


In some parts of the world, hotels started to become less desired, and b&b’s took over. The same stands for Italy too, especially when it comes to low-to-mid budget accommodations.

We all prefer more quiet, more peaceful, nicer places to stay where we can feel at home. Where we don’t listen to the guests next door and what they are doing in their room.

However, we must point out that even if b&b’s are super nice, and a really different experience, hotels are still the safest, easiest, best picks in Italy.

If we’re discussing luxury accommodations, hands down, hotels are the primary type of accommodations for that!

B&B‘s are really popular both in rural areas as in cities.

However, when it comes to accommodations in Italy, their best, most loved, and adored are always the so-called Agriturismo, farmhouse stays. There’s no perfect Italian experience, especially in the countryside like staying at an Agriturismo.

Beautiful villas, vineyards, olive groves, and the hosting Italian families who serve homemade, local dishes that are always the best.
(A quick tip: we who live in Italy know it well: You can’t eat as well as in an Agriturismo!)

For the youth, and those who love solo traveling, we are obviously covering hostels too, to make sure you’re going to stay at the best and most fun places!

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