best thermal spas in tuscany

10 Best Spas in Tuscany

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Italy, along with everything that makes it a truly special country, has been named one of the top countries in matters of leisure, and possibilities to truly relax. When you want to find out about the best things to do in Italy, each of you might want to do something else. For those who are interested in a relaxing experience in some beautiful places with great food, this article is a must-read! Below, you’re going to find some of the best thermal baths and thermal spas in Tuscany Italy, to indulge in the taste of Tuscany while treating yourself well on all levels.

Which are the best thermal spas in Tuscany? – Discover the best thermal baths Tuscany offers!

The Tuscany Italy region is well known for its artistic legacy, for the history that it possesses, and also for its magnificent landscapes. Besides all those, there is one amazing thing that this region possesses, the best thermal spas in Italy. Nature has given a series of facilitators for all those in search of health reliefs, and unique experiences to luxury wellness.

Best thermal baths Tuscany offers – Luxury spa hotels in Tuscany

Find out about the Saturnia (waterfall spa in Tuscany) thermal baths Tuscany which we know well that lately, it has become the hotspot when we’re talking about the best thermal baths in Tuscany.

We are also going to see some of the best spa resorts in Tuscany where you can treat yourself alone, with friends or family. Furthermore, we’re going to explore what therapies, treatments, and spa rituals these places offer. So let’s dig into the10 best thermal spas in Tuscany Italy to find out everything possible!

1. Saturnia Thermal Springs – Saturnia thermal baths Tuscany

best thermal spas in tuscany

We start our selection of the 10 best thermal spas in Tuscany with Saturnia Thermal baths Tuscany. This Waterfall spa in Tuscany is one of the most sought-after hot springs in Italy and surprisingly, it’s free. They can be visited all year round, as it always makes a pleasant experience. In addition, The water is heated underground, and it pops up from under the pools, making it a spectacle of wellness for every tourist in search of a retreat.

The Saturnia thermal baths Tuscany are rich in minerals, and a real benefit for health and beauty. Moreover, It is clear that those are the best thermal baths in Tuscany and are extremely reachable as well. You can find the waterfall spa in Tuscany in Maremma, southern Tuscany in the province of Grosseto.

2. Bagni San Filippo

Right after the Saturnia hot springs, there is Bagni San Filippo. What is interesting about these hot springs in Tuscany is their formation, as they have a lot of waterfalls and small pools of hot water. Everything is placed in natural scenery, in the woods. Moreover, is very accessible, and normally frequented by tourists all year round as well. As it was for Saturnia thermal baths in Tuscany, the access is free as well.

Another thing you should know about Bagni San Filippo is that the area is massive. You can either arrive and decide to have your retreat experience, or you can wander around and choose from countless pools, your desired one. Bagni San Filippo is definitely one of the best thermal baths in Tuscany. You can find Bagni San Filippo in the Province of Siena in the municipality of Castiglione d’Orcia. Make sure you check out the best hotels in Siena too!

3. Terme Tettuccio

best thermal spas in tuscany

Here we are with Terme Tettuccio, one of the best spas in Tuscany Italy. Terme Tettuccio is a thermal complex called the best spa in Tuscany. It had received this name for the benefits that offered to all those who decided to start health treatments there to cure their health problems. Also, The Tettuccio thermal complex is based on the benefits of drinking thermal water. Thermal water is seen as a curative drink for internal problems.

So, at Terme Tettucio, don’t expect baths, massage, or other kinds of relief treatments. Moreover, Expect four types of water, served for different health issues: Leopoldina Waters, Regina Waters, Tettuccio Waters, Rinfresco Waters. You can find Terme Tettucio in Montecatini Terme, Pistoia province.

4. Wellness Tuscany Experience Castello di Leccia

best thermal spas in tuscany

You’ve found out about the two best thermal baths in Tuscany which are completely free and accessible all year round. You’ve also found out about the magnificent waterfall spa in Tuscany and the Saturnia thermal baths Tuscany. Now, it’s time to continue our best thermal spas in Tuscany list with the best spa resorts in Tuscany.

Wellness Tuscany Experience Castello la Leccia is one of a kind. Castello la Leccia is definitely one of the best spa hotel Tuscany. There, they blend the unique scents of aromatic herbs while having a pool experience, with the amazing panorama and the olive trees that surround this spa hotel Tuscany Italy.

Also, Castello la Leccia offers a large range of health packages, from yoga and shiatsu to massage therapy and pool therapy, saunas, and Turkish baths, to hiking packages. Moreover, Castello la Leccia spa hotel Tuscany should definitely be on those who want complete wellness lists. You can find Castello la Leccia in Leccia, Chianti.

5. Calidario Terme Etrusche

best thermal spas in tuscany

If you are looking for a place that can have all the things you’re looking for during your wellness journey in Tuscany Italy, Calidario Terme Etrusche is the key. At this spa hotel Tuscany Italy you can explore all the beneficial effects of thermal waters. It’s a very welcoming place, for both the body and the mind. Moreover, It offers such a unique experience thanks to the entrance into the water that it has.

At Calidario Terme Etrusche you can benefit also from saunas, sensory showers, and treatments. You also can have Turkish baths, whirlpools, massages, and relaxation areas. It is definitely one of the best spa hotels in Tuscany Italy. You can find Calidario Terme Etrusche in Venturia Terme, Campiglia Marittima.

6. ASMANA Wellness World Florence

best thermal spas in tuscany

The best thermal baths Tuscany list continues with Asmana Wellness World Spa. It is situated just a couple of minutes from Florence. In addition, Surrounded by the natural greens of Villa Montalvo Park, Asmana Wellness World spa is the best place to go for complete relaxation. Vapors, heat, and thermal water, are all among tropical trees.

Also, there you can treat yourself to a big list of experiences, from saunas, hammam, to massages and thermal baths experiences and pool bars and restaurants. Moreover, Asmana is among the best spa resorts in Tuscany for all the treatments it offers, especially the beauty treatments. You can find Asmana Wellness World spa in Campi Bisenzio, Florence.

7. COMO Castello Del Nero

best thermal spas in tuscany

One of the best luxury spa hotels in Tuscany is Castello Del Nero hotel & spa Tuscany. At Castello Del Nero hotel & spa Tuscany you can find luxury spa experiences at one of the best spa resorts in Tuscany. Also, It offers a wide range of welcoming sanctuaries. All those, along with holistic treatments for the mind and body, are inspired by Asian culture.

Their packages have lots of experiences types, such as tailor-made massages, revitalizing baths, Pilates, yoga, and also health proposals. Moreover, your stay will be in an elegant castle which has also a Michelin star restaurant and an amazing view of the Tuscan hills. Moreover, Castello Del Nero hotel & spa Tuscany is definitely one of the best spa hotel Tuscany Italy. You can find Castello Del Nero in Barberino Tavarnelle, Florence.

8. Albergo Le Terme Spa

best thermal spas in tuscany

If you plan your next spa experience for the whole family, Albergo Le Terme Spa is one of the best spa resorts in Tuscany for families. Basically, Albergo Le Terme Spa is one of the best spa hotels in Tuscany Italy. It’s all thanks to the all-in-one packages it has. Also, an absolute relaxation break, you can choose from entering the large thermal baths that had 49 degrees and date back from the Etruscan era, to treatments and massages experiences.

It has Roman saunas, wellness treatments, thermal water pools and whirlpools, and massage. Moreover, Albergo le Terme Spa has also one of the most luxury spa hotels in Tuscany and a restaurant. You can find Albergo Le Terme Spa in Bagno Vignoni, San Quirico d’Orcia.

9. Fonteverde Terme

best thermal spas in tuscany

To those who are in search of a magical setting in a natural environment, around olive groves, vineyards, and a panorama of unspoiled Tuscanny, Fonteverde Terme is the best choice. Fonteverde Terme has natural hot springs that offer the benefits of magnesium and sulfur. Those are the best ingredients for the body and soul. Also, you benefit from full boarding, from stunning and equipped hotel rooms to a restaurant and the Fonteverde Terme, one among the luxury spa hotels in Tuscany.

At Fonteverde Terme, you can benefit from full-body treatments, aromatherapy, facials, massage, scrubs and wraps, and hydrotherapy. Moreover, you can take part in a variety of classes. They vary, such as aerobics, fitness, meditation, tonification, pilates, stretching, yoga, and wellness.

Furthermore, You can find Fonteverde Terme all around Europe in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland. Also, in the USA, Canada, and Japan. The Fonteverde Terme Italy is located in Terme, San Casciano dei Bagni Siena.

10. Terme di Chianciano

best thermal spas in tuscany

We finish our list of the 10 best thermal baths Tuscany with Terme di Chianciano spa in Tuscany. Terme di Chianciano is one of the best thermal spas in Tuscany. It is a place for everyone, families, couples, youths, and singles. At Terme di Chianciano, you can discover the best Italian traditional spa, right in the heart of Tuscany, which makes it the best thermal baths in Tuscany. Also, You can experience a sensory spa, the Theia Thermal Pools, the Sillene Thermal Baths, and the Acqua Santa and Fucoli Parks as well.

Moreover, they have hotel and spa packages, thermal products offers, and even an online shop. Furthermore, is definitely a wellness oasis and one of the best spa resorts in Tuscany that meet everyone’s expectations in the matter of boxy and mind relaxation and health care. It is for sure one of the best thermal spas in Tuscany. You can find Terme di Chianciano in Chinciano, Siena.

Wrapping up the best thermal spas in Tuscany and the best spa resorts in Tuscany

The thermal spas and thermal baths treatments are known to be those facilities that combat stress and reduce or change a type of psychological challenge. They are, as well relieving the body’s problems, renew the skin, and improve the body’s metabolism. Moreover, A trip to Tuscany’s best thermal spas is the best idea. All this if he or she is in search of a full thermal spa experience in Italy.

Those top ten thermal baths in Tuscany have everything a person can need in a matter of wellness and of spa hotel Tuscany Italy. To make it easy for you to find the best spots, we have given you the names of the best spa resorts in Tuscany. Then, the best spa hotel Tuscany, all so that you enjoy your holiday to the best thermal baths in Tuscany.

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