15 best italian singers today

15 Best Italian Singers Today

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Are you looking for the best Italian singers today? Indeed the list might miss a few stars from the Sanremo festival, but we decided to add to our list those, who are already big favorites in Italy and around the world. Below you’re going to find some of our favorite Italian female singers, as well as men, trios, and so. You must also know, that some of the Italian artists below are not touring anymore, so you might not catch them at a concert anymore.

15 Best Italian Singers Today

From all the famous Italian singers today, we’re sharing below the 15 best, and this is a list that’s absolutely based on our personal style and what we love to listen to. Also, there’s not a specific ranking between these singers, though many favorites are at the beginning of the list.

You can find below some of the biggest classic Italian singers and icons such as Andrea Bocelli, but also some of the greatest female singers today like Francesca Michielin. Also, we tried to not concentrate on groups but on individuals, however, there are Italian trio singers who couldn’t miss our list, and that’s the Il Volo.

1. Andrea Bocelli

When it comes to the best Italian singers, Andrea Bocelli must always be on top of the list. No voice of today’s singers around the world compares to the amazing voice of Italian opera singers like Andrea Bocelli.

He was born in 1958 after he was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma and became completely blind when he was 12 years old after a soccer accident. Later he became the star of classic Italian singers with his incredible talent in music.

His success as a crossover performer brought classical music to the international top levels. Since the beginning of his career, Bocelli has recorded over 15 albums and 9 operas. His name is known all around the world. Andrea Bocelli has 3 children, the youngest one is from his current, second wife. He performs these days concerts and shows with either his son Matteo Bocelli or with his daughter, Virginia.

2. Eros Ramazzotti

When it comes to the best Italian singers today, even though he didn’t have a concert in the past few years, Eros Ramazzotti is an icon, another voice that everyone around the world heard. He was especially popular for the past 20 years.

Eros Ramazzotti was born in 1963 and he’s one of the most unique Italian songwriters, singer, and musician with a really special voice that makes you want to just keep listening to his songs over and over again. Moreover, the light pop style is also really catching.

Since the beginning of his career in 1984, he recorded 11 albums, one EP, compilation and live albums, and 37 singles which have sold over 60 million in 30 years. Ramazotti is also famous for his duets, of which some of the most famous would be with Tina Turner, Andrea Bocelli, Luciano Pavarotti, and Cher. But he also has duets with Nicole Scherzinger, Ricky Martin, and more. When you’re trying to find Italian singers male, you must make sure to start with Bocelli and Ramazzotti!

3. Il Volo

Now, there’s no way we could write an accurate list of singers if we don’t include these Italian opera singers, the Italian trio singers, the Il Volo. The three artists started their careers together with complete success on their record of O Sole Mio when they were just 14-16 years. Now they are between 27-29 and in the past decade, they won over the heart of crowds with their incredible voices and songs with a spice of opera style.

The three singers as they come are Gianluca Ginoble (baritone), Piero Barone, and Ignazio Boschetto who both are tenors with really particular voices that are just blending together beautifully. Il Volo became famous with the Festival of Sanremo in 2015 where they won, against Nek who came out second.

After Sanremo, Il Volo represented Italy at the Eurovision Festival where they finished in 3rd place. With their song, Grande Amore, they quickly become famous around the world, and indeed most of their tours and concerts are outside of Italy. They have recorded more albums since 2015, and they continue singing together, though lately as we’ve seen on their Social Media, they are on different continents for a while.

4. Michele Morrone

If you’ve seen 365 Days, you already know who Michele Morrone is. A fairly new name on the world’s most popular actors and singers’ list. Michele Morrone was born in 1990 and he’s an Italian actor, model, singer (and guitarist), and he also has his own fashion brand.

He owns one of the most sophisticated new Italian apparel, swimwear, and lingerie brands, the Aurumroma. Right now on an international level, he’s definitely one of the most popular Italian singers, since thanks to his most successful movie, his songs became known worldwide being also the soundtracks of the movie.

When it comes to Michele Morrone’s music, he became one of our favorites for a few simple reasons. First of all, we love guitar, and it is dominating through his music. Second of all, he has a very gorgeous voice and his songs are powerful, compelling, and even enchanting at some point, bringing out feelings we otherwise like to keep hidden.

5. Nek

As we’ve mentioned at the beginning, there are some Italian pop singers who have retired from singing and concerts. One of the most enchanting Italian singers male ones is definitely Filippo Neviani, his artist name being Nek.

He was born in 1972 and he gained his first international success in 1997 when he participated at Sanremo Festival. His song Laura Non C’e became famous at this time both in Italy and on international levels. It was actually the first Nek song I personally hear from Nek in 2015.

He recorded multiple albums and became famous in Europe and Latin America since he recorded his music also in Spanish. He participated at Sanremo again in 2015 with the song Fatti Avanti Amore which brought him second place after Il Volo.

6. Francesca Michielin

When it comes to Italian female singers today, I think most of Italy would agree with me to say that Francesca Michielin is definitely the shiniest star. The young singer Francesca was born in 1995 and she’s already a big favorite around the country.

We’ve been hesitating about which song to add to this article, but overall, one of Francesca Michielin’s best songs is definitely Chiamami per Nome she’s singing with Fedez and performed with him at Sanremo 2021. This song brought them second place last year.

Francesca Michielin became famous after she won the 5th season of the Italian X-Factor. Right after, her song Distratto received double platinum. She had since multiple singles and albums released which received different high certifications. Francesca Michielin is definitely a name and a voice to look for!

7. Zucchero Fornaciari

Here’s another big name, Zucchero Fornaciari, or as most people know, only Zucchero. His real name is Adelmo however, and he was born in 1955. Zucchero is a singer, songwriter, and musician and he has a really catchy style that’s inspired by blues, rock music, soul, and many other styles.

Now, Zucchero is nicknamed the father of the Italian blues as well. He is one of the few European blues musicians who still enjoy international fame and one of the best Italian singers. During his long career with many other rewards, he was also nominated for Grammy. The linked song will surely be familiar to most of you!

8. Annalisa

If you are looking for Italian pop singers, Annalisa is definitely one to look for. She’s not withing the most popular Italian singers, but she is known well throughout the whole country. I personally heard her first time in one of the movies set in Italy, Tuscan Wedding.

Annalisa won many awards such as World Music Awards and MTV Europe Music Awards. She recorded 6 albums, and 25 singles, and she has 8 Platinum discs and 10 Golden discs. She performed at the Sanremo Music festival several times, but unfortunately, the best she made was 3rd place.

9. Fedez

I don’t know why I put Fedez just on the 9th place, but I don’t want to favor anyone. When it comes to famous Italian singers, in the rap category, Fedez is the most outstanding in Italy. He also has killer humor (for those who understand Italian and want to follow him on Instagram). Fedez was born in 1989, and his real name is Federico Leonardo Lucia.

An Italian rapper who is not just rapping about problems in the country, but he’s continuously engaging and judging politicians and different organizations who aren’t following the honest and open line. (I tried to write this as nicely as possible). I first found him in 2015 while I wasn’t living in Italy, and listen to one of his best songs, Vorrei ma non posso.

He had plenty of hits in the past years, the latest 2021 summer hit was, the Mille. Fedez has 5 albums and 24 top-ten singles, and he received over 50 Platinum Disks. Now Fedez is married to the famous influencer and businesswoman, Chiara Ferragni. Actually, they both have their own brands.

10. Laura Pausini

If we speak about the most famous Italian female singers, Laura Pausini is definitely number one! Laura Pausini was born in 1974. She became famous after winning in her section at Sanremo in 1993, which also became an Italian and international top hit.

In the first two years of her career, she already sold over three million copies worldwide and her top hits are known by everyone who lived/was born in the 90s’. Laura Pausini also has a very famous song with Andrea Bocelli, the Vivo per Lei. During her career, Laura recorded over 12 albums, and she won and received an incredible amount of awards.

11. Alessandra Amoroso

Another highlight of Italian female singers, and one of my personal favorites when it comes to happy music, is Alessandra Amoros. She was born in 1986 and at the beginning of her career, she won the Italian talent show called Amici di Maria de Filippi. Since that moment, all her 7 albums hit the top of the Italian albums chart, and she sold over 2.5 million records.

Alessandra Amoros has received many awards from Wind Music Awards to MTV, and World Music Awards among many others. Her appearance is full of positive energy, as well as her music, and this makes her unique and amazing. Well, not just this, but her voice as well! Some of her most cheerful and beautiful songs are Vivere a Colori and Comunque Andare.

12. Vasco Rossi

One of the best Italian singers who is famous for his shows and provocative lyrics and lifestyle, Vasco Rossi was born in 1952. Vasco Rossi during his career published 30 albums and he has written over 250 songs.

If you’re listening to the above song, make sure you put the sound up, since that’s how you’ll get the real Vasco Rossi feeling! Now, topping everyone from this list, Vasco Rossi has sold over 35 million records and he is indeed one of the best-selling Italian singers. Definitely, an Italian singer who’s known by everyone, and loved by many!

13. Maneskin

If you’re looking beyond popular Italian singers, there’s also a noticeable Italian band that became famous just now in 2021. Måneskin is an Italian rock band formed in 2016 in Rome. In the band there’s a vocalist Damiano David, the guitarist Thomas Raggi, the bassist being Victoria de Angelis, and the drummer is Ethon Torchio.

At Sanremo Music Festival in 2021, the Måneskin won with their really popular song, Zitti e Buoni. Måneskin released two studio albums so far and multiple singles which are now not just in the Italian but also European top hits lists. Especially since they have changed to singing in English, and after participating in Eurovision. Måneskin sold already over 4 million records.

14. Baby K

If you are looking for Italian pop singers, Baby K is definitely a highlight for them. Her real name is Claudia Judith Nahum and she was born in 1983. Baby K became famous with some of her great summer hits, such as Roma-Bangkok with Giusy Ferreri, and the Killer with Tiziano Ferro.

Both of these were my big favorites. She had some great summer hits the past few years as well, such as Non mi basta piu, and so. Baby K sold over 1 million copies, received a diamond certification, and she also wins an MTV Italian Music Award as well as some other important awards and prizes. She’s basically the queen of summer hits.

15. Giusy Ferreri

We’ll close the list with one of the most particular Italian female singers. Many people we’ve spoken to said that they don’t like Giusy Ferreri’s voice, while others said that they absolutely love it. Giusy Ferreri is an Italian singer born in 1979 and she became famous by attending the X Factor.

Later Giusy topped the Italian Singles chart 5 times with some of the top hits, such as Non ti Scordar mai di me, or the piece with Baby K that was a big hit in all of Europe: Roma-Bangkok. Thanks to her particularly amazing voice, her 5 albums, and some of her greatest hits, she sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide.

Wrapping up the 15 best Italian singers of today

As you can see, our Italian opera singers and famous Italian singers list are really colorful. You could’ve found from the classic ones to the newest stars, rock, blues, pop, rap, and everything in between. The most popular Italian singers today are obviously more than 15, and we are sorry that we had to skip so many talented voices. However, as we already mentioned, we wanted to make sure our 15 favorites make the list. Also, you can check out some of our other lists for the best Italian songs, and the best Italian DJs as well!

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